Samupwa congratulates grade 10, 12 learners in Zambezi


By Staff Reporter

EDUCATION Director in Zambezi region, Mr. Austin Samupwa has congratulated teachers ,learners and parents for maintaining top 6 spot country –wide and to be on top 4 in grade 12 Higher level.

Zambezi Education  Director, Mr. Austin Samupwa
Zambezi Education Director, Mr. Austin Samupwa

In his 2015 Academic Year message, Mr. Samupwa thanked teachers for the job well done in 2014 academic year for increasing the pass percentage in grade 10 from 53% to 54% average pass rate.

He pointed out 13 schools in the region which performed above   the targeted 65% such as Dr. Sam Nujoma, Schukmansburg, Silumbi, Lusu, Masokotwane, Kapani, Caprivi Senior Secondary School, Imukusi, Katima Combined, Mbalasinte, Kongola, Mayuni and Singalamwe.

“Some of these schools are habitual performers, for which I am very delighted, like Caprivi Senior Secondary School, Dr Sam Nujoma, Lusu and Kongola. I congratulate these schools for maintaining excellent results every year for a number of years now” noted Zambezi Regional Director.

He added that some emerging schools like Silumbi, Kapani, and Mbalasinte have shown a significance improvement. Whilst Mayuni   and Singalamwe schools are yet some who were appointed with new principals and he stressed that their impact has been instantaneous.

“The schools that performed between 50 %   and 64 % have not done particularly badly. Their results show dedication and purpose. All they need is   to clean up acts here   and there and move forward. My concern is with schools that performed below 50 %. To these ones I say, engage the stakeholders; move forward excellence is within your reach. It is also important that you be informed that your performance is below par and no value for money and time is observed. I warn that this type of performance shall not be tolerated in 2015”

Zambezi Education Regional Directorate has introduced the new approach to improve academic results with the trimester review in dedicating a week in every quarter for serious review of its plans in looking at each teacher’s and each learner’s progress.

Mr Samupwa announced that the first trimester review will be on 20-24 April, followed by the second trimester review on 24 to 28 August and the last 3rd trimester review for the year 2015 will be held on 23-27 November.

Other notable improvements in this academic year are the change of holiday classes and revision.

The first –ever symposium for grade 10   and 12 teachers is scheduled to take place next month with the first on 9 – 13 February for grade 10 teachers, while the grade 12 teachers’ symposium will be on 23 – 27 February 2015.

He emphasised that the grade 10 failures who are 17 years and below will be allowed to repeat.

“I urge principals to give these youngsters a second chance as directed by the     Central Government”

The regional Education Office is still facing challenges of lack of librarians in schools, to avoid that, it has engaged the Ministry‘s Head Office in Windhoek to revise the norms to be approved by the Office of the Prime Minister to have full time Librarians in all qualifying schools.

“We also wish to engage Service Point Committees to strengthen the use of our Libraries and Teachers’ Resource Centres. This will be done in the first   trimester”

Director Samupwa further said that, his directorate will continue strengthening partnership with Rossing Foundation this year to ensure that the subjects of Mathematics, English, Biology, Physical Science and Lower Primary are further strengthened.






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