Sampofu calls for unity in Zambezi

By Martha Matongo

 Governor of the once troubled Zambezi region has dismissed rumours that circulated within his residents alleging attacks of armed rebellion marking back the August 2, 1999.

Honourable Lawrence Sampofu told The Caprivi Vision recently after rumours that surfaced among   Residents with content that, Secessionists were coming to the Region to shoot and attack places that brought fear to people who amongst managed to escape the township to their far villages to hide for safety.

Honourable Lawrence Sampofu, Zambezi Governor
Honourable Lawrence Sampofu, Zambezi Governor

He cleared the dust that there was no report of such nature from the Police or any community member that was received by his office alerting them that there will be an attack by the Caprivi Liberation Army, a secessionist group.

Zambezi Governor shot down the allegations that “People must stop spreading such kind of information which puts the Region in fear”.

He warned all the transgressors to stop spreading false information that would in future jeopardise the peace and development enjoyed by the residents in the region.

“We must unite in developing this Region than continuing to destroy its peace” Sampofu cautioned that a lot of investors would like to come and invest in the Region, but immediately when they hear unfounded rumours, they will be discouraged to stay and do business.

He is urging Residents of the Zambezi Region to unite together and stop tribalism, “united, we stand. Divided, we fall”, He said.

Honourable Sampofu further assured Residents and the nation at large that His Region is in peace and invites all investors who would like to bring development to come without any fear.






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