Royal Security Guard dies in Zambia

By Simon Liseli

ROYAL Security guard who went missing on January 13, 2018 was last week found floating in Zambezi river,some 20 kilometers east of Katima-Sesheke bridge at the areas of Katongo in the western Zambia .

Deceased’s headless body,Mr.Victor Kapelwa Mutelo (31) was discovered by a fisherman last week Tuesday afternoon.

Mr.Kapelwa went missing after opting to go to Zambia with his colleague Mr. Charles Chitambisa, they drove Royal Security vehicle with the purpose of socializing other than any official business purpose. While socializing they went to an extent of not keeping time for boarder closure and found Zambian boarder post closed the time they thought of crossing back to Namibia.

Zambezi Regional Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Coordinator Mr. Evans Simasiku confirmed the incident.

Nampol Deputy Commissioner in Zambezi Region Mr. Evans Simasiku confirms the incident to Caprivi Vision

According to Mr. Simasiku, The deceased and his colleague when they found WENELA boarder post closed they decided to park their vehicle at the exit gate of the boarder to spend their night.

However, being persons who were socializing, it alleged that they opted to leave the vehicle at the boarder to go and further the leisure and went back to bars and continued socializing.

During that process something came into their minds that they have to meet their workmate by the name of Raphael who resides at Nalisa village of Zambia.

They opted to go and visit him crossing via Katima – Sesheke Bridge and information surfaced that the two did not reach their colleague’s house because of misunderstanding between each other.

“Deceased was saying their colleague stays to the left side of the bridge which is the north-west and his colleague Charles was pointing to the south-east of the bridge, they argued and because they didn’t reach consensus they decided to go back to their vehicle and rest. On arrival at the vehicle he left his colleague at the vehicle and went to his girlfriend who resides at Katima, Zambia where it’s not known whether they met and never came back” explained deputy commissioner Simasiku.

“It’s unfortunately that the condition fisherman discovered deceased’s body the head and arms were cut off only the spinal cord and chest appears. On getting that information Zambian police service were informed and retrieved the body and took it to Yeta state mortuary in Zambia” he added.

Regional crime investigating coordinator Mr. Simasiku said at this stage police investigations are underway and can’t say whether deceased was murdered or attacked and his body was thrown into the river because it’s not yet established what caused the death.

He therefore asks the community from both Namibia and Zambian territories whoever has information of such incident to come out and inform the police to further their investigations.

“It’s pit that we lost life of a Namibian national and I can’t avail into issues that the Zambian authority are dealing with I will receive them officially through Interpol and I think they are doing good job as am speaking” he noted.

No arrests has been made so far , as it’s not known what happened to the deceased. “But they are clue that shows that the person was attacked and investigations will determine what happened after its conclusion and people will be informed since both sides are under investigations” he concluded.

When contacted for comments , owner of Royal Security Services Mr. Bernard Mutelo refused to comment, “Am not in position of talking to you am in Zambia and I have nothing to tell you” he said before hanging up his cell phone.










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