Police probes death over sour milk 5 victims

Inspector Kisco Sitali, Nampol Spokesperson in Zambezi

By Risco Lumamezi

THE Namibian Police has opened an inquest docket in the incident that caused 4 deaths into the five (5) members of the same family, who suddenly died after eating porridge mixed with the sour milk on Sunday.

The victims are residents of Mwanzi Village in Singalamwe Area of Kongola Constituency, North-West of Zambezi.

According to Nampol Spokesperson in Zambezi, Inspector Kisco Sitali pointed out that the Police has opened an inquest docket to investigate and ascertain facts and evidence of the deaths of the family members of the same family, who among them is a 67-year-old man, and his 3 children.

He said, so far the police have taken 3 different samples of the alleged sour-milk , of which among them 1 sample was taken from the sour milk sold to the deceased father, and the other two (2) samples from other villagers to determine the cause of deaths.

Asked whether the police have arrested any alleged suspect, Inspector Sitali divulged that more investigations are still needed to bring the culprit to book “We still need to get evidence by taking all samples to the laboratory in Windhoek… we are not sure with other ingredients used in cooking porridge”

The bereaved heartfelt family member, who opted to remain anonymous allegedly explained that the victims now deceased they were not served with no treatment at Katima Mulilo State Hospital to vomit the alleged poison.

“Just imagine the deceased boy was only left alone… without anything to help him to vomit, that is not good at all” explained the family member.

She said, the deceased 67-year-old-man Mr. Freddy Ziezo bought a 2-litre bottle of sour milk accidentally on Saturday from a certain boy.Who was given sour milk to sell on behalf of the owner (supplier) who once quarrelled with the other villager where the sour milk was sent too.

“why do the police not arresting the culprit if the audio of the deceased narrating the cause of death was given to them…if they wait, they will hear that the guy went in Zambia undercover”

She is however, appealing to the general public and good Samaritans to help in donating financially, and in kind as the family cannot afford the mass funeral.

The post-mortem was conducted on Thursday, and the mass burial will be conducted on Sunday January, 23.

The mother and wife of the deceased members is still in a critical condition at Katima Mulio State Hospital.

Sofar, the Zambezi Regional Council has donated 2 tents to host the mourners at Mwanzi Village. While the Ministry of Gender Equality, Poverty Eradication and Social Welfare has donated N$16000 to meet halfway to procure the coffins of the deceased.

For more information regarding where to donate, the family has requested those who want to assist to get the contact details of the mourners from Caprivi Vision, newsroom@caprivivision.com / editor@caprivivision.com  






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