Police Nabs 14 Taxi Drivers For Public Violence

By Simon Liseli

About fourteen taxi drivers were arrested by the Nampol at Katima Mulilo for obstruction and interfering with the police officers while on duty last month.

They are Chaka Dingi Swayo 32, Jost Mashando Bafehihi 48, Antonio France 25, Masule Calon Matongo 28, Dambe Mushabati 46, Shamu Oscar Kapule 33, Kahuza Mueze Andreas 28, Kasikwa Tjisola 38, Lutombi Erick Mubonda 26, Titus Hakuyeluka 30, Lubasi Elvis 42, Mukendwa Kisco Kahale 28, Lubasi Lascan Sifanu 34 and Simushi Simwanza, age unknown.The fourteen, including an Angolan national, made an appearance before Katima Mulilo Magistrate Israel Hauwanga on July 6 and public prosecutor Esther Jafet.

The fourteen form part of the seventeen taxi drivers, three are still at large and all wanted persons are accused of driving through a mounted road-block along the WENELA road on June 13, where the traffic officers were busy controlling and preventing unnecessary driving to avoid accidents.

The taxi drivers allegedly failed to comply with the instructions of the traffic officers and ignorantly drove their vehicles with disregard of the road control traffic officers who blocked the road leading to WENELA boarder post that borders Namibia and Zambia.

Sergeant Dennis Wambinji, The Namibian Police Traffic Unit in Katima Mulilo who was victimised by the accused taxi drivers

The drivers are now charged with public violence and two counts contravening section 18 (1)(b) that read with section 1 and 106. The first count- is failing to comply with an instruction of a police officer Act 22 of 1999 and the second alternative reads with section 18 (1)(b) obstructed, hindered or interfered a police officer in the exercise of any power relating to a provision assigned to him under the above Act (Act 22 of 1999).

Eleven of the accussed are now out on bail of N$ 10, 000 while the remaining are still in custody.It was also during the same operation that Nampol and Namibia Defence Force special field force officers also rounded up about 40 taxi drivers, who were taken into the police station to identify who among them failed to comply with the traffic rules and regulations.

Police Chief Traffic Inspector, Paul Sililo told Caprivi Vision that more arrests are imminent saying a total fine of N$111,600.00 was collected from drivers found without the possession of driving licenses and those operating unregistered taxis.The matter was postponed to July 23, as police investigations continue under CR 48/06/2012.






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