Police exhumes a body

By Dominic Sikopo

Namibian Police  in Katima Mulilo exhumed the remains of a Zambian National , Mr. Simasiku Songa Justine recently at Chantuhu village , some 30 Kilometers West of of Katima Mulilo.   

 It is alleged that three men Mr.Likando Milimo, Mr.Likando Monje Fred and Mr.Mbonabi Alex Machamina killed the deceased after a quarel and dug a grave where they buried him half with some tree branches on top of him.

However, after a tip off the Namibian Police nabbed the three (3) suspects in connection with the discovery of a shallow grave containing the remains of Mr. Simasiku.

 The trio made their first brief appearance in Katima Mulilo Regional Court on July 1, and their next court appearance was postponed to August 12, 2013 for legal aid.

 They were denied bail by Acting Magistrate, Mr. George Mushabati and the state was represented by Public Prosecuter Ms. Esther Jafet.

 They are facing charges  of murder and defeating  and obstructing the cause of justice.

According to a state witness testimony it is believed that the duo of the three accused persons,   Likando Milimo and Likando Monje Fred(who are biological brothers) had gotten into a situation with the deceased (Mr. Simasiku ) sometime in late June 2013 around 09hrs while the witness(name withheld) was away at Chantuhu village.

 Upon the witness`s return to the camp (3 days later) where he had been working with the three accused (digging Devil`s claw), he discovered that all but Mr. Simasiku were present at the site.

He was however told by Mr. Alex Machamina that the two brothers (Milimo and Monje Fred Likando) had killed Mr. Simasiku after he allegedly stole money(amounting to N$200.00) which belonged to Mr.Milimo Likando and had buried him at an un-marked grave.

 The witness explained that he had heard from Mr. Likando Milimo himself that indeed it was true that they had commited the act by beating  up Mr. Simasiku to death, the witness further revealed that they (Likando brothers) had assaulted Mr. Simasiku by beating him up with their fists and some sticks.

 Mr. Machamina further told the witness that he had tried to prevent the two from continuing the assault on the deceased but was powerless as he was alone.

While they were together at a borehole, Mr. Likando Milimo had revealed to the witness that he had killed Mr. Simasiku because he had stolen money (N$200.00) from him after he (the witness) had asked him about the incident.

The witness further explained that he (Milimo) had agreed to go and show the witness where they had buried Mr. Simasiku after the witness had asked him about it also.

Mr.Likando Milimo took the witness at a certain place (which was a short distance from their camp) and it was near the electricity power line where they had buried him, the witness explains that he did not physically see the body of the deceased but only the grave.

The witness later left Mr. Likando at the camp and came back to Chantuhu village.

 After being notified by the witness, Police officials drove to the site of the crime scene, where upon arrival discovered a hole which seemed to have been dug recently, the witness showed the police where the corpse of the deceased had been buried.

 After the police had gotten authority to exhume the body granted, and exhumation of the body was carried out at the site of the crime and police there made a discovery of a human body which was later indentified of that of Mr. Simasiku Songa Justin by a family relative at the Katima Mulilo state hospital mortuary.

The Case cr 129.06.2013 was opened at Katima Mulilo police station and the investigation still continue.







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