Police burns cannabis weighs 371.35 kg in Katima

By Simon Liseli

Namibian Police has burned 371, 35 kilograms of cannabis estimated at a street value of N$3,713,500 this morning at Katima Mulilo dump site.

NAMPOL Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Coordinator, Mr. Evans Simasiku told reporters that cannabis was seized during the period from 2017 to the current situation of 2019.

Cannabis burning at Katima dump site

He pointed out that marijuana were brought inside Namibia from across countries such as Zambia and South Africa through Botswana into Namibia particularly in Zambezi region in exchange of clothing, which are currently sold on the market and some are exchanged with fish in areas of Muyako while others are for sales or any other thing a seller intend to do.

Dagga in Katima

The cannabis was confiscated during an active operation by NAMPOL officials with the assistance of community members from 2017 to 2019.

“The dagga that was confiscated is quite a lot, of which if it was going to be sold in this region or other regions you could see that people were going to be in a situation that is uncontrollable or in the situation that those who were going to control themselves they could be in the situation that they cannot control themselves because of the effect they could get from dagga” noted deputy commissioner Simasiku.

Two other vehicles were also confiscated that were found transporting marijuana and were forfeited by the State.

Daggas with other products were destroyed at Katima Council new dump site behind former Meatco currently renamed as Zambezi Meat Company (ZAMCO).

“It’s not for selling we are not going to advertise it or to put it on auction or whatsoever, but it’s just going to be destroyed from here” He said.

Zambezi Police dump cannabis at Katima, Mr. Evans Simasiku Deputy Commissioner and Crime Investigation Coordinator for Zambezi region and other police officers preparing to set fire on the dagga.

He warned communities in areas such as Chantuhu and Masida where Devil’s claw is being sold out and exchanged with marijuana to refrain from such deals.

Simasiku also requested the community that whenever they come across with those  who want to exchange with Devil’s claw or fish to report such a person to the police with immediate effect  for the law to take its course .

He further alluded that all dagga dealers who took part in the selling were arrested of which some are serving their sentences while others were released after paying fines.







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