PDM Leader calls for peace and reconciliation

By Staff Reporter

NAMIBIAN Official Opposition Party (PDM) President Dr.McHenry Venaani has called for peace and reconciliation in Africa and in particular Caprivi Strip (Zambezi Region) to refrain from tribalism.

NAMIBIAN Official Opposition Party (PDM) President Dr.McHenry Venaani

A vibrant politician Dr. Venaani spoke out during the gathering of his political regional leaders at the strategic workshop held in Katima Mulilo recently.

He thanked his counterpart opposition political leaders in Southern Africa those in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Democratic Republic of Congo for listening to his call to stop the war, and join hands in strengthening democracy across the continent.

He however recalled that peace in the DRC has come a long way after the engagement of political dialogue with the continental opposition political leaders in that country.

“The opposition today in DRC has decided to have one opposition candidate to target the candidate of Kabila in DRC Elections”

Dr.Venaani also disclosed that his political party has played an important role calling for peace in Zimbabwe with the opposition parties for peace and stability “we are robust engaged with our colleagues in Zimbabwe to say that they must continue to do good and not take country to war and they have heeded our calls and Zimbabwe is moving towards stability with number of economic problems, so we are making peace everywhere across the globe”

He said that Zambezi region is the most polarized and divided region with tribalism in the country “the polarizations and differences we have in this region should not be left unaddressed we must find lasting reconciliations”

He urged regional leaders and traditional authorities not to shy away tribalism and promised that it will take him 3-5 years to take a true dialogue, in order to clean up hatred and reconciliation for the future generation in Zambezi.

“I have seen over 3000 skulls of Rwandese in Rwanda, because of tribalism”

President of the Popular Democratic Movement (PDM) also expressed concerns to the cost of living of the Caprivian people in making comparison with the price of a bag of maize meal in the neighbouring country Zambia which is less cheaper than in Namibia, bought at N$100 while in Namibia it cost N$275 and he urged the minister of trade to emphasise more on removing trade barriers that are currently imposed between the nation states.

“ we have not done much to accelerate Intra Africa Trade, a  bag of maize meal is cheaper than here, we need to bring about intra Africa trade why the Zambezi people buy  expensive maize across the  river” quashed Venaani.

However, a report analysis published by the African Export-Import Bank (Afreximbank)  this year showed  that the intra African Trade  is low at around 15% compared to Europe (59%), Asia (51%), and North America (37%)  this is due to lack of access to trade and market information.

According to him, people in Zambezi are struggling with the escalating price of petrol, Electricity and unemployment.

He urged Namibians to vote differently and for change by voting for his movement.

The PDM leader further warned government to give jobs to all young Namibians without any requirement of work experience.






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