Parliamentary Standing Committee visits regions on health matters

By Staff Reporter

The Parliamentary Standing Committee on Gender Equality, Social Development and Family Affairs through the Ministry of Health and Social Services is conducting regional visits around the country.

 The Committee have raised eyebrows concern about specific issues at health facilities that they have visited , such as the supply of water at Sibbinda Health Centre.

However, the Ministry have responded that the Health Centre has access to two water sources,  a community borehole and the Namwater pipeline.

Mr. Ben Nangombe , Executive Director for The Ministry of Health and Social Services

Executive Director of the Ministry of Health and Social Services , Mr. Ben Nangombe said that the Centre has primarily relied on the Namwater pipeline;  which eventually plagued by declines in water pressure, this has however made the ministry to supply water to the centre through a community borehole.

This Health Centre has two water tanks stands, Tank 1 with 5,000 litres tank mounted on a 1meter stand while a 10.000 litres tank is mounted on a 6-meters stand.

Tank No. 1 receives water from both sources and distributes it either directly to the Health Centre through a bypass pipe and Tank No. 2 though a booster pump, which in turn supplies the Health Centre. In December last year, it was discovered that the Namwater pipeline has higher pressure during the night and it was then decided to connect the NamWater to Tank No. 2 and supply the Health Centre, in that manner.

The booster pump that transfers water from Tank No. 1 to Tank No. 2 is currently out of order, resulting in decreased water pressure at the clinic. The Health Centre is currently being supplied from Tank No. 1, albeit at low pressure, which affects to areas such as showers and toilets.

As a temporary measure, water is being manually supplied inside the clinic using a hosepipe. The Ministry of Health and Social Services remains committed to ensuring the uninterrupted provision of quality healthcare services at the Sibbinda Health Centre.

“We are diligently working to address the water supply issue and appreciate the understanding and patience of the community during this time. The faulty pipe will be fixed in due course”. Explained Mr. Nangombe

On the issue of the Cooling System for Rundu Regional Medical Store, the cooling and air conditioning system at the facility has been experiencing some technical challenges. In order to address this problem, the Ministry of Works and Transport conducted a comprehensive assessment last year and provided the Ministry of Health and Social Services with a detailed bill of quantity, including specifications for the required repairs.

 The Ministry has determined the estimated cost for the necessarily repairs and upgrades. A contractor will be brought to site on emergency basis to fix the problem.

On health passport about 1 million ordinary passports are available at the general stores in Windhoek as from end of last month (July 2023) at the General Stores in Windhoek and health facilities are encouraged to order while Other health passports are being procured.







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