One On One Interview with Gospel Singer Harrisen Liloka

Mr. Harrisen Matengu Liloka, a native of the Zambezi region is an aspiring musician who is spreading the word of God through gospel music.

Mr. Harrisen Matengu Liloka
Mr. Harrisen Matengu Liloka

  When and where were you born?

 I was born in Sachinga on 05 May 1979.

 Where did you attend your schooling?

 I did my primary schooling at Sachinga Primary School from Grade 1 to 7 and attended my Secondary School at  Kaenda Combined School.

 When did you begin with your Gospel Career and what inspired you to do it?

 Well it started when i used to sing as a child in the church and i never stopped and the inspiration came from watching other people sing and watching them sing made me feel as if i was the one who was actually singing and I really enjoyed listening the likes of Mzwake Mbuli.

 Have you released any Album/s?

 Yes, i have so far released two albums the first one titled “Taha Uto Kena” came out in 2012 and includes the songs “Mulikana luna ulu sile” and “Get Ready”, the other album i have released is called “Kulumbwe Ingunyana” which means “Praises be to the lamb” and includes the tracks “Hani Feza Musebezi and “Yo Ki mani Yo”.

 What are some of the obstacles you have experienced so far in  your career?

 Lack of finances and sponsorship and music piracy.

 Highlights of your career so far?

 Winning the Best Gospel award at last year`s Caprivi Music Awards.

 Favourite drink/food?

 I enjoy drinking mango flavoured juice and enjoy traditional food like pap.

 Future Plans?

 I am planning on releasing a music video for the first and second albums and i just plan on continuing spreading the gospel through musi and advising the youth from doing the wrong things.







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