No Tribalism in Zambezi Region

Dear Editor,

Allow me a space in your bi-monthly esteemed newspaper, first and for most its with my understanding that Zambezi region is one of the top regions described to have issues of tribalism, discrimination and divisions.

However , I strongly believe that every seed is planted to germinate and grow, so with Zambezi region some issues are being planted in the form of rule and divide not unity.

Division of people in the region has become a tool that leads to discrimination and tribalism.

If I may point out some of the issues that show division of people in the region, this includes a visual division of the Masubia and Mafwe people, a simple tribal problem that can be easily solved and unite these tribes by calling them together for reconciliation and build the region as they come together.

Today a Mufwe can be married to a Subia that shows unity it’s only that people in the region are in favour of tribalism and discrimination among the two tribes that hinders development in the region.

Some divisions such as hiking stations to other areas around the region, residential areas/locations and discrimination towards employment can be solved by residents of the region themselves by coming together.

Dairy compound is a concern at heart because it’s now occupied by one ethnic group which are ‘Vambos’ with their temporal structures of buildings including Macaravani west, that shows divisions.

We want unity among all tribes in the region.

Thank you….

From Mr. Mashika Sicacani
Kaliyangile, Kozo village
Contact: +264816610414





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