New school opens doors in Katima

By Chaze Chika

A NEW Combined School named after a SWAPO Plan Combatant late Mr. Tobias Hainyeko was officially opened by the out-going Zambezi Education Director Mr. Austin Samupwa on Friday.

The purpose of opening the new school is to accommodate the increasing number of learners in the town of Katima Mulilo and the region in general.

Tobias Hainyeko learners during official ceremony

The principal of the school Mr.Shadrick Mowa at the official opening informed the people in attendance and gave them a brief background of the school by saying that“This school is called Tobias Hainyeko, it is two months old, and the school starts from grade 0 to 8 with a total enrolment of 420 learners.”

He added that the school is having 15 teaching staff members, of which one is on a temporal basis on job attachment which brings a total of 16 including the school principal.”

The amused Regional Director for the Ministry of Education, Arts and Culture Mr.Samupwa who will be handing over his office soon shared his happiness “I’m very proud to stand here probably for the last time as director to inaugurate yet another school. This school is called Tobias Hainyeko project. Tobias Hainyeko was one of the liberation struggles of Namibia.”

He further appealed to local business leaders and diplomats in the country to join hands in supporting the school financially and in kind for the erection of the permanent structure.

The out-going Zambezi Education Director Mr. Austin Samupwa speaking at the official opening of Tobias Hainyeko Combined School in Katima Mulilo

“The school is a project school because it is still housed by tents. I appeal to all business personalities including high commissions and good Samaritans to come together with the government of Namibia to construct permanent classes’’. Requested Mr.Samupwa who got the highest position as the permanent secretary for the ruling SWAPO party, at its head office in Windhoek.

Tobias Hainyeko Combined School is the third among the two primary schools such as Brendan Simbwaye and Greenwell Matongo schools which opened in the town of Katima Mulilo after independence and were named after the Caprivian Liberation heroes who died during the liberation struggle of Namibia in 1970s.








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