New Radio Station for SDA Church launched in Katima

By Staff Reporter

A brandy New Radio Station called AWR-Zambezi (Adventist World Radio Zambezi) for the Seventh Day Adventist Church, started broadcasting on 98.2 FM in siLozi and English in January this year.

Speaking to Caprivi Vision, The Country Director Mr. Reagan Malumo said that the Radio Station was initiated to serve as a platform to transmit the message of God to people in the community , and to allow government officials to inform the residents on most pertinent issues such as of COVID 19, and mostly community issues.

He said, the Radio does not allow content on tobacco, alcohol, sexual and politics.

According to him, the Radio is the most powerful platform which should be used to produce and promote the local content within the community.

“The Radio is the good method , as a church to teach people the gospel of God and to change the society” stressed Mr. Malumo.

AWR in Namibia so far has launched five (5) community radios in Gobabis, Katima Mulilo , Otjiwarongo,Rundu and Windhoek.

The Zambezi Radio frequency covers the radius of 50 – 60 kilometers within and outside the town of Katima Mulilo, and the plan is to reach One kilowatts (1kW) which goes almost 100 km away Katima Mulilo.

Before the launch the AWR has conducted series of training workshops on the basic studio operations and radio presentation to unemployed youth in Zambezi region.

Some of the participants and trainees who benefited from the training workshop pose for a camera with their certificates(Photos taken by AWR-Zambezi )

“We trained 20 young people and five (5) are employed they do live contents , playing religious songs , programs like bible quiz, marriage, youth programs  and children programs”

When asked to shad some lights on the competition with the public broadcaster(NBC), the Country Director Mr. Malumo quashed that “ Competition is good because we don’t look into it as a competition but it is just a complement with NBC because they don’t cover more  on religious, therefore we want to fill  that gap”

“ we appreciate donations , we invite business community to come ,we don’t cover contents on tobacco, sexual ,alcohol and politics”

He however further called the local business community and the entire residents of Zambezi region and Namibia in general to make use of the platform “ they must feel free to use the Radio Station, we are welcome to partner and those who want those infrastructure as this is development if you go to Windhoek they are many Radio Stations but Katima nothing  the local community should  join hands together”

The Radio Station is located in Soweto location at SDA Katima Central Church building  which is behind NBC Ñywañi FM Radio Station.

It was officially inaugurated by Zambezi Regional Governor Lawrance Sampofu on February 8, 2021.






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