New music recording studio now opens in Katima

By Simon Liseli

THE newly opened music recording studio in Katima Mulilo has been described as a debut studio that came in town to make a difference in the mighty region.

Full Moon music recording studio is owned by Dr.Vincent Mwange who hails from Zambezi region and currently residing in Windhoek.

In an exclusive interview with the studio manager Mr.Mikatazo Luboni who is popularly well-known as “Bolingo” and his producer Mr. Ian Salushando said the studio came in the region to make a difference in terms of music production in the region.

Mr.Mikatazo Luboni( Bolingo), Full Moon Studio Manager

They have both  described the studio as the only big giant lab in Katima at the moment which they said to be a movement to step forward and make a change.

Bolingo has been in the music industry for quite some time and was brought in by one of his friends. He has rhapsody with some of the biggest artists in Namibia.

Mikatazo 34 is a born and bred Caprivian who hails at Makanga and Sibbinda west of Katima Mulilo. He grew up in Windhoek where he unpacked his music career.

He started his education at Peoples primary school in Windhoek and because of his step father’s job related issues, was transferred to Ovamboland in 1994 where he continued with his education and 2004 he was transferred back to Windhoek and got admission at Ella Duplesis High School.

In 2006 he completed his matric at Concordia Senior Secondary School. His favourate sport at school was athletics (running long distance).

His producer Mr. Salushando (24) was born in Katima Mulilo, his father hails from Sauzuo and mother from Masida. He started his primary school at Ngweze Primary school where he did his grade 1 to grade 5, and was transferred to Brendan Simbwaye Primary School and continued with his grade 6 -7.

He however proceeded to Mayuni Senior Secondary School where he did his junioir secondary, grade 8 -10 and completed his school at Sikosinyana Senior Secondary School.

Salushando is the current producer of full moon music recording studio who makes all beats, mixing sounds and record mastering songs before it is taken to the studio manager. They also shoot , edit and record music videos for the artists.

He joined music industry by singing that he used to record to other artist studios like Jocy-K, a famous local producer and many other local studios.

When thinking of the money he was paying when recording, he thought of making his own songs in order to keep enough profit to purchase his own equipment, his dream became true and started producing music for other local artists at Katima Open Market.

“We don’t select type of music you are playing at full moon, we do everything but we are targeting at trend music which is now on the bigger market” he said.

“Full moon have all needed music equipment is why I decided and agree to work together with my colleagues and the environment of our recording studio is very much conducive and I get my package on everything I produce” lamented Ian.

According to Luboni some artists who inspired him with music are basically South African influence because back in those days the artists like Mandoza, Zola, M’du, Ather Mofokati and many others who shared to him musical contents on how he wanted to come in the industry.

“They have inspired me not just only as a musician but with many things, it’s not only where an artist is taught to stand and sing on a microphone” said Bolingo.

Mikatazo said full moon studio has so far not yet faced some challenges and the aim is just to push forward to the best of their ability to do more.

“We are ready to do more, our studio does the full package for artists not just recording their music, pay us and go” he added.

He adviced young upcoming artists not to waste their time and money before they do some research they want to do or achieve in their lives.

“Full moon is not a joke, we are now fully functional and any artist who wants to work with us we are ready to help them to reach their objectives and dreams” he concluded.






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