NDP to Field Bukalo Local Authority Elections

By Staff Reporter

THE National Democratic Party of Namibia ( NDP ) has nominated five candidates for Bukalo Local Authority Elections marked for August 22.NDP logo  EDITED

The NDP candidates for Bukalo Local Authority Elections are Ms. Milinga Patricia Iuze, Mr. Muzamai Hastings Kandandu,Ms.Mutau Naňalelwa Cynthia,Mubumbulwa Agnes Mareta and Ms. Simasiku Merriam Kahundu .

NDP is appealing to the residents of Bukalo to join support and vote for its candidates.

It promises voters that once voted into power it will build houses for the residents of Bukalo, it will create more job opportunities, factories of different fields for the residents to have jobs and development in place, the construction of tarred roads, a State Hospital with all facilities and it will also bring all government ministries, private companies, international independent institutions in Bukalo to fight for the implementation of free education from Grade 1 up to the University for the residents of Bukalo and the entire Namibians.
It also appeals for the Namibians to join and vote for NDP in the forth coming November Presidential and Parliamentary elections.






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