NDP expels Kalaluka from party, Katima Council seat

By Risco Lumamezi

NDP Secretary General , Mr. Alex Linyando(Centre) , Ms.Nanvula Sunano , NDP Coordinator (Left) and Mr. Chripher Mukendwa Simasiku , the Incoming NDP Katima Councillor (Right)

The National Democratic Party (NDP) has expelled its Local Authority Councillor, Watson Kalaluka from the party and recalled him from serving as its representative member at the Katima Mulilo Town Council with immediate effect.

NDP Secretary General Mr. Alex Linyando, told journalists during the press conference held on Friday that the decision to recall and expel Kalaluka was taken after his appearance before the party’s disciplinary hearing committee which found him guilty of all charges levelled against him.

“Therefore, the party has taken into consideration the decision of the disciplinary committee which was tasked to investigate him. Of which, the disciplinary hearing committee recommended for his removal / withdrawal from the council. It’s based on that the party leadership is left with no other option but to recall and replace him with immediate effect”

 The committee recommended to the party to remove him from the council , and the party has taken into consideration the decision of other various charges of misconduct which included tarnishing the good name and image of the party.

Among the charges levelled against him are that, He failed to respect or honour the 30% stop order agreement to the party, deformation of character against the NDP National president , Mr .Martin Lukato in which he alleged that the president of the party, went to him and demanded a monthly payment to be paid directly to him.

It is also stated that He has failed to submit a monthly report to the party headquarter.  

According to the press statement “He failed to take advice, orders or instructions from the party headquarter. In which he was expected to go on air (radio) or call for a press conference and express his views, on national matters of concerns as well as express his strategic plan and plan of action.

He failed to present and implement the party programs and plans outlined in the NDP party manifesto and constitution in the council as expected.

He failed to consult the party leadership, to get the mandate on issues to table in the council.

He failed to give feedback on matters discussed in council chamber joint seating and resolutions taken in the council.

He failed to share the minutes and agenda of the council meetings.

He failed to grow the party as expected and planned. This is because under his watch and tenure the party has lost massive support and trust from Katima Mulilo, due to his incompetency, poor decision making and actions.

The party is reliable informed that the Hon. He once ‘went on air (radio) to advocate for the closure of water for poor masses without any knowledge of the party or mandate given from the party.

On two separate occasions, during 2021 and 2022, he teamed up with SWAPO councillors to remove street vendors without any mandate given.

He failed to show respect to the party leadership. As he was called and expected to come over to the NDP Headquarter and give report in person, but never showed up or availed yourself.

He once betrayed the Katima Mulilo street vendors. Instead of serving their interest. He sided with SWAPO ticket councillors, who took a decision to chase them away. They instructed him to chase the Vendors and he did so. As far as we are concern, that was poor planning and maladministration. During that process of chasing the Vendors away, a woman, mother and bread winner lost her life, Because of the shock of his decision and action.

As a result, he failed to win back the hopes, faith and trust of many local people (residents and electorates). As more than 130 demonstrators organised themselves and called for a peaceful mass demonstration, demanding for his immediate removal from the council as well as NDP Councillor.

  He ignored the charge-sheet given to him by the disciplinary fearing committee. Up to now, he never responded to the allegations levelled against him. Despite him promising to respond by writing as soon as possible. That never happened. And that’s undermining the powers vested in the investigating committee as well as the party he is serving.

 ALL and ALL is to say that he undermined the party and put the party into disrepute. Which is why, the Party finally decided to replace him with Brave Simasiku Chripher Mukendwa, with immediate effect. The party has left with no option but to exercise its powers stipulated in the Local Authority Act to recall him. As per Local Authority Act 23 of 1992, section 13, 1(g).”

Mr. Linyando explained that the party recommended the incoming NDP Councillor at KMTC, Mr. Simasiku who was on the 3rd position on the party list submitted to Electoral Commission of Namibia in 2020 Regional and Local Authority Elections, after Mr. Rasboom Mwemba who was on the second position refused to take up the vacant post.

However, Mr. Kalaluka declined to comment when he was reached to hear his view on the current matter saying “I cannot answer anything because there was no letter given to me, I was not notified about this am just hearing it from you now. I think the person who hosted the press conference knows better than me, because how do you go to the media without consulting the person” he quashed.

Mr.Watson Kalaluka Kalaluka

He further denied all allegations levelled against himself.

Mr. Kalaluka is currently employed as a full-time lecturer at Triumphant College in Katima Mulilo.







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