Nawa lashes out critics on a demolition demonstration

By Simon Liseli

Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa reading the petition

FORMER Chief Executive Officer of Katima Mulilo Town Council, Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa has shot down criticisms from residents who have accused him for participating in the just ended peaceful demonstration.

Mr. Nawa publicly participated in a mob against the demolition of illegal houses in the locations of Cowboy, Diary and Lwanyanda when he read and handed over a petition to Zambezi Governor Lawrence Sampofu on behalf of the angry demolished victims.

After handing over the petition Governor Sampofu blamed Mr. Nawa for his active participation saying he did the same thing when he was still the CEO of Katima Council.

In addition to this some people n the region expressed their dissatisfaction with the opinion that former KMTC Chief Mr. Nawa ‘s participation in a peaceful demonstration that was held by angry demolished residents was to return his work as CEO of the town which he described to be distorted opinions that are not true.

Governor Sampofu shakes a hand with the former Katima Council CEO , Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa after handing over the petition

Mr. Nawa told Caprivi Vision that he will never promote illegal things to keep happening to people in a free Namibia like what happened to residents of the informal locations of Katima Mulilo last month where houses and properties of people were demolished by the Katima Mulilo Town Council with hired bulldozers in the escort of the Namibian police.

“Demolishing of people’s houses and properties including the shooting that happened was touching and painful and was done by those who pretend to be SWAPO but they are not. It was done without consultations with demolished residents and court order under protection of the Namibian police force” said former CEO.

According to him the Katima Council did not follow procedures to demolish people and were without court order that allows them to evict residents from their land and is calling on others to always join hands in fighting such barbaric manners.

“Some people think that when I joined that victim’s demonstration is campaigning to return my work ‘NO… I did that because I felt pain on how they were demolished by the council not to work again, eight years that I worked as CEO is enough, I can’t reverse am enjoying my life and I have businesses. Such demolishing is the first of its kind in this country since independence that’s why it even reminds of colonialism” he explained.

Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa

He however, added that the community committees will soon conduct fund raising campaign to help demolished victims as they are in need of urgent support. He seriously condemned Katima Town Council for not following the law.

Mr.Nawa promised to support victims financially to hire a competent lawyer to represent them if their case will be taken to court.

“Katima is full of bush but the council still chasing people from their residential whereas they were supposed to find land to take those victims. Even the ruling SWAPO party’s manifesto says people should have shelter and those demolished victims are without shelter” he concluded.







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