THE move to suspend the joy of all Namibians not to celebrate the Independence Day on March 21 is a clear indication of disrespect of our nationhood as Namibians.

We have seen that for the past few years, independence celebrations have been celebrated separately instead of continuing keeping the spirit of unity.

Since March 21, 1990 Namibians have been celebrating the Independence Day countrywide with speeches from the president by ministers.
Namibia as a nation is composed of 13 political regions deserves to celebrate its Nation hood and Pride in all its corners.

In this year’s birthday, the celebration was hosted all the way from the South of Namibia in Mariental the capital of Hardap region with speeches from the Namibian president Hifikepunye Pohamba and founding father of the Namibian nation Dr. Sam Nujoma with the aim to launch the new bank notes portraying Dr. Sam Nujoma to the people of the south.

The tendencies not to celebrate this day together as usual will not take us anywhere as a nation perhaps our leaders supposed to put heads on recognizing our heroes and heroines the role they played during liberation struggle towards this achievement of our total freedom.

Right now, our leaders should start to learn that, Independence Day celebration should not be for the specific group of people but it must be for all our people who have been in this country before and after that day.

How do we honour and salute Namibia’s birthday without thinking of our achievements?

We still believe that the change of powers in 1990 was made possible by the first act we did as the nation in casting our votes in the ballot box in building our new democracy.

We must learn to bring this joy to all corners of this country by bringing this independence celebration to all constituencies in memory to continue honouring the electorate for building our democracy right away from village to village in our participatory democracy…

22 years of independence is a symbol that Namibia is growing like other African states that gained their freedom, in this situation we ought to learn that Namibia should produce its own products.
We salute our fore fathers and mothers for scarifying their lives and in any kind that today we enjoy our fundamental rights.
Lastly, we honour and urge our leaders to continue keeping the spirit of democracy in their minds and souls to improve the standard of living of all our people.

Long Live Namibia!





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