It is high time that all Namibians become allergic to poverty. The Government should therefore empower every Namibian in its efforts to eradicate poverty.

Remember that poverty does not only entail lack of food but also lack of quality education, social facilities, sustainable development and peace to mention but a few.
There are segments of the population in this country who think that Namibia’s wealth belongs to them only. The deliberate and systematic denial of other ethnic groups termed as inferior tribes from accessing both economic and political benefits is an open secret. As far as I am concerned, however, the Government needs to equitably distribute wealth to all Namibians regardless of their affiliations.

The status quo in the 13 regions in terms of accelerating and developing home-grown social and economic development programmes leaves a lot to be desired and needs radical change. One remedy within the realm of the decentralization process is to introduce Constituency Development Funds that would be distributed in all the 107 constituencies because all Namibians are entitled to development. After all Namibia is a country endowed with natural resources. Yet the majority of Namibians are some of the poorest on earth!

Our goal, therefore, should be to improve the quality of life for the majority of our people, especially in rural areas. From watered-down remarks by our politicians, the only thing we hear is the reputation that we have the best constitution or we are Africa’s leading uranium, or diamond producer. So what? Yet such minerals go to benefit other countries. In the end we shall remain with an empty promise. Yet we Namibians sit on our behinds complaining hoping Jesus will come and give us good governance and better living conditions.

Why is unemployment so high in Namibia when mining and agriculture alone can create millions of jobs? Why is it that we have been told about the missing or stolen millions but none of the big fishes are taken to court for prosecution? We marvel at the huge figures but do nothing and just go home grumbling?

Why are Namibians not on the streets demanding improved living conditions? Is it because Namibians are peaceful or is it due to dullness? Remember that Egyptians, Tunisians and Libyans all enjoyed better living conditions than Namibians by far. Yet those freedom fighters demanded more and refused to be given less than they deserve. For instance, quality education in Egypt is free up to University. In Namibia, you have to pay to sit on the floor because there are no desks!

Citizen Josephat Inambao Sinvula is a local resident living in Oshakati.





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