Namibia turns 23 with Signs of 1995

Dear Editor , In my Personal capacity I would like to congratulate all my fellow citizens on our 23rd Independence day.
I hope our country will through our individual contributions by means of democratic participation can become one of the best developing countries in the entire universe.
With that in mind we have to speakout and get rid of those who are trying not to give their part in such efforts.
I took this picture on Wednesday 20 March 2013 , when I visited the Windhoek Central Hospital and was very disturbed to find an outdated poster but it gave the impression that there has been no Namibia National Health Week since August 1995.
When I walked into the Corridors, I found overcrowding was the order of the day which frustrated people and caused a lot of stress amongst the people.
The windows of the wards are so dirty it could certainly not be a healthy place. The signs are also so outdated with no inclusion of any indigenous language other than Afrikaans.
When I arrived at the pharmacy there was another overcrowding as medicine has only on central point.
Now my question is, for how long will we be served by these two hospitals such as Katutura and Windhoek Central. These hospitals are very old and overcrowded and are certainly a health risk.
It is also very clear that there is no proper planning in central government and I base my facts on the following:
Population Growth must be an indicator on planning health Facilities
Migration And many more. It doesn’t make sense to build a hospital in a rural area while there is no job creation and housing available in such an area while you know that these rural communities are migrating to the city in need of employment and other needs.
It appears to me we lost vision. To upgrade a police station doesn’t necessary increase crime prevention but to increase logistics such as vehicles can improve on crime prevention.
More classrooms will accommodate more children and make more children part of the system but does not necessary improve quality education.
Please let us focus on the right things and the way how we do things.
Stop making laws which we cannot implement and start implementing the existing ones. If we cannot deliver please give others a chance and stop saying we can develop, we did not even build one dam in Namibia.
By N. J.Dawson
Community Activist





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