N$3,5-m tarred road for Choto underway

By Simon Liseli

Some recent developments that have commenced and those in pipeline around Katima Mulilo town includes 3.9 km bitumen tarred road in Choto.

The Namibian government and the town council pumped out the money and the construction is currently underway.

New tarred Road under construction in Choto

The tender was won by Nexus Company at a tune of N $3.4 million and all the two roads will be tarred including the cut-line up to Mafuta road.

This was announced by the out-going Katima Mayor Charles Matengu in a recent press conference that was held at the town council.

He also added that a resolution between Kapana (roast meat) sellers and town council was found and are now allowed to sell their meat at recreational facilities in town.

According to Hon. Matengu , sellers need to have consent letter from the owner of the recreational facility and agree to the fact that the owner will help the seller to abide by the Covid-19 protocols.

This came after sellers laid complaints with the town council to allow them to sell Kapana in the recreational facilities.

With street vendors, Katima Mulilo Town Council agreed with two associations that represent them, and  have agreed to allocate stalls that are not occupied within the Katima Open Market and once they are full they will move outside the market and allocate them open spaces between the stage and market offices.

“If they won’t fit we shall close off the area where public event are normally held and due to Covid-19 we shall not allow the vendors on the street” noted the mayor.

Out-going Mayor pointed out that the tender of water reticulation at Lwayaha which was wrongly cancelled will be reinstated and the construction of roads at Lwayaha will also commence soon.

He added that the rerouting of the sewer-line in the CBD of the town has been awarded and will also commence.

“A Public Private Partnership (PPP) which was signed in 2015 has been amended so far and Full Bright Investments can now renovate and revamp our sewer ponds and build houses. AMICALL-Namibia will be servicing the area in our main CBD 326” explained Hon. Matengu.

He said the council has a resolution in which an additional charge will be used to electrify most of the sub-urban locations of Katima Mulilo.

Two companies, Sima and Namzipol a Turkish company have been given plots to build houses behind Kamunu Village where clients will be able to negotiate prices with those companies depending on the size of the house they want.

The council is also busy with the installation of water at Nova informal settlement west of Katima Mulilo town .

He further said that Nova some  plots for a school, police station, shopping mall, hospital and other facilities have been reserved while the North Eastern Electricity Distributor (NORED) will be building a state of the art offices in due course in the town of Katima Mulilo. The tender has been already advertised from experienced and reputable service providers for the construction of the offices, with a  tender no: NE 13/2020.

Out-going Katima Mayor, Charles Mukaya Matengu







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