“Muyongo is the drafter and signed the Namibian Constitution” says President Geingob

I understand that you were confronted by the Caprivians in the Caprivi Strip on the 10th of August 2019 in your political Campaigns.

Mr.Felix Kakula UDP Executive Secretary and Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity

It is true, and you are aware that in all the trips that you came to the Caprivi Strip and address Caprivians, you faced the same questions; even in your Parliament you have been challenged on the Caprivi question.

Your one and only typical response:
Muyongo was the drafter and endorsed his signature on the Constitution of the Republic of Namibia that defines the boundaries of Namibia, and that Namibia is the Unitary State
People have realized that you do not have any other reason as to why you are illegally occupying the Caprivi Strip.

My response to your assertion is as follows:
1.I challenge you to talk about the bill that annexed Caprivi to Namibia; are you telling the Caprivians and the world at large that Act 10 of 1999 signed into law on the 24th June 1999, you were annexing a Country that is within your Country?
What logic is behind that act? Are you not deceiving people?

2.I challenge you to be genuine and ethical as you read the Constitution of South West Africa regarding section 38(5) Act 1968 Act No.39 of 1968) of the constitution you appealed.

If you are to read through this Act No. 39 of 1968, you could understand that what you did was illegal and still illegal as you were prohibited by the Constitution that was in place not repeal the section. Proclamation No. 37 of 1920 still standing.

Take note that this Act mentions the demarcated territory, what demarcation if it is not international boundaries demarcated in 1884/85, and who demarcated it, if it was not the League of Nations during the scramble for Africa.

Caprivi Zipfel and Namibia are separated by an international boundary that should be respected by Namibia.

You were the Chairman of the Constituency assembly that drafted the Namibian Constitution and you personally also drafted and submitted the Caprivi Strip annexation bill.
It boggles the minds as you continue failing to understand that Caprivi is, was, has and will never be part of Namibia save for your illegal occupation.

Guided by your Constitution, you should have consulted the Caprivians through ballot paper, but you chose to rely on your majority to impose an Act, and trample on the rights of the Caprivians. That was and still against the very Constitution you think you are defending.

The issue of dialogue is a matter of common sense, democracy and decency. You felt challenged when told to dialogue the Caprivi issue, to free those political prisoners you captured illegally from the Caprivi Strip; you became angry. Intimidation, torture, harassment etc. will never stop Caprivians to challenge you now and in future on the very fundamental question of the illegal occupation of the Caprivi Strip by your regime, until such time that it is resolved.

The current situation in the Caprivi Strip clearly portrays that there is a tension between your Government and the Caprivians, hence you were forcing people at your meeting not to call themselves Caprivians, but they should call themselves Namibians.

Obsession of power and arrogance might have made you to forget that it was through dialogue with the Apartheid South African Government and Nelson Mandela that brought the Independence of South Africa; SWAPO never got independence by a barrel of a gun, if it was the issue of your gorilla war fare you could be still in the bush now fighting for independence, examples are many in this regard.

Be informed that the Constitution which actually states that Namibia is a unitary State is not failing to resolve the Caprivi issue; but it is you who is failing to resolve the Caprivi political matter.

It is true that the despoiled of a bubble fish starts from the head; the corruption that starts from the top is the worst because it crumbles the entire system very fast. It is shocking that the Timber that is been stolen from the Caprivi Strip by Chinese has the approval of your Government, there is no benefit coming to the people but a few who are corrupted and used like a password.

It is clear evidence that your Government is mastering in bribe, Liselo people are crying after empty promises of electrifying their homes in exchange for Timber cutting from their Area.

This Timber is harvested and just taken as Cargo without value, no price attached, no paper of transaction, no measurement taken of the logs. This is only happening in the Caprivi where a mafia style of Governing is the order of the day.
Caprivi Strip has enough resources to cater for its inhabitants, but alas, Caprivians are now beggars for food; they queue stretching their hands begging for food; “Mr. President do fast to bring food, we are very hungry, we will soon die of hunger”

I am appealing to the Caprivians to refrain from signing papers at night without familiarizing yourselves with the contents of the documents given to you for signature. You are selling your land at night without your knowledge because you hardly realize the masterly cleverly of your colonizer the Namibian regime.

No one among you can tell exactly how the name change of Caprivi to Zambezi was endorsed and for what reason, how part of Western Caprivi was taken from the main land, how the land is been grabbed in the name of projects.

Currently there is bribe going around allowing healthy hazardous tobacco plantation in the Caprivi Strip. It is getting approved by certain individuals who are given peanuts in exchange of their healthy. This project is imposed because the Chairperson of the land board is under threat as the Minister of Land is pushing for the start of the project despite the human and environmental disaster it will cause to the people.

The helpless people of Masida and the surrounding small Villages are yet to be forced out of their ancestral land, to be relocated elsewhere for Minerals discovered down there, who will be the beneficial in that regard, the Ovambo who have been populated in the Caprivi to mess up around and dilute our culture.

Now be reminded that the land bill is just silent waiting for you to vote, after voting for them, wait and see what will happen.

I salute the Barotseland authority for having analyzed carefully the Zambian new bill on the cards that gives the President the power on Communal Land and to appoint Chiefs; it is quite obvious that such a bill will affect mostly the Bulozi establishment.

Traditional leaders are in danger of this masquerade of the Government, what is degrading Caprivi Traditional Authorities is that they are in a competition of who is too loyal to the Government, and some of them they beg for money and trust; and in turn they sacrifice their only inheritance.

I call upon all Caprivians to come together and demand their trampled rights.

Forward Ever Backward Never.
Felix Kakula
UDP Executive Secretary and Acting Secretary for Information and Publicity





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