Musanga people are not Zambians

Dear Editor,
Allow me space in your newspaper to respond to the article which says “Politics is a Dangerous Game” By Mr. Mutelo Bornwell Kwibisa that featured in the Caprivi Vision Newspaper for 18-30 June 2012.

Firstly I would like to thank him for the opinion he made, but I disagree with other remarks he made, (Dr Lilemba) was not attacking anyone politically but he was telling the readers of this paper the history he knows, he was right because he told us what he knows, thank you Dr. Lilemba because you said it right.

If Mr. Mutelo in his capacity has the history we don’t know why doesn’t he tell us? I completely disagree with other remarks by Mr. Mutelo in referring to people of Musanga as “Zambians” that is totally out of context and that is the other way of inflicting conflict within the tribes. People of Musanga fall under Mamili Chieftainship, take note of that.

Jones Mushwena

Sir ,are you aware that before Katima Mulilo town came in existence the place was used as a farmland by the people of Musanga who are believed to be Zambians? Do you know where the name Mavuluma comes from? These people only gave -up their land for development of the town that is why they are found where they are right now.

I kindly ask (Mr. Mutelo) to definitely apologise because those remarks he made promote tribalism. People of Musanga are not Zambians I repeat; because there is no way they could have obtained Namibian citizenships.

Our parents’ chose to reside next to the mighty Zambezi River because they wanted water for their livestock and for them to sustain a living. In addition, the land is fertile for agriculture.
I am very proud of coming from that part of the world (Musanga Area) blessed be the place forever and thanks to our grandparents.
Jones Mushwena
(True son of Musanga)






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