Dear Editor,

I am writing this letter to advice and open the eyes of the person who wrote an article in Informante titled “Mudaveti a victim of tribalism in Caprivi”. This brother or sister is totally wrong according to his/her defense of Mudaveti. I believe that the person who wrote the article is a pure tribalist. I believe that he is one of the people who are promoting tribalism in the Caprivi region.

Back to my main topic of Mudaveti’s demotion from the Chairmanship of the management committee of the Town Council. This is a good move and excellent decision taken by the SWAPO Regional Committee. It is also good news to the poor residents of Katima Mulilo who had waited for ten to eleven years for Mudaveti and his members to develop the town so as to attract investors. This was supposed to be done through different projects. Mudaveti failed to bring development to this town; instead he promoted tribalism and nepotism by sidelining people from Mafwe tribes at work. A good example is when he was always witch-hunting the former Town Clerk Agnes Limbo and the Chief Executive Officer, Dr Vincent Sazita.
During Mudaveti’s reign as the Mayor of Katima Mulilo up to the time when he became the Chairperson of the management committee, there is no development that he initiated. If there is any, can he show us these developments? All he did was harassing and shouting at juniors in meetings, since he did not want to be advised. To be fair enough, the town of Katima is the worst ghost town in Namibia. Mind you this town is one of the oldest towns in Namibia, but it has failed to become a city while new towns are now successful cities.
The Katima Town council under the leadership of Mudaveti failed to renovate roads, or even to put at least two robots in the city center. Instead, his committee concentrated on charging exorbitant water charges in informal settlements like Chotto and Cowboy. They even failed to install toilets and taps for these poor people.
Therefore Mudaveti is a failure. He must stop blaming Kunga for his demotion. Mudaveti was incompetent. We the residents of Katima Mulilo town gave him 12 years to show us his competence, but he only self enriched himself through tribalism, nepotism and arrogance. Furthermore, he was known for not attending important council meetings. He was even reluctant to sign important council resolutions. How can we keep a useless stooge in the public office using tax payer’s money and yet not serving the people who elected him?
We are also tired of the current town council of Katima Mulilo. This Council comprises of people who have no brains, as most of them are uneducated and don’t have the right vision. The Katima Town Council staff was employed in those offices through nepotism.
Mudaveti can be a graduate with a Masters Degree but it is meaningless and useless, since he has failed to deliver for almost 12 years. He could have been a School Principal but at least now he is relived and should concentrate on his school work. The person who was defending him is a pure tribalist in favour of Mudabeti. He must be informed that there are many Caprivians who are competent enough and who can perform better that his favourite candidate Mudaveti.

We therefore call upon the Minister of Regional and Local Government, Jerry Ekanjo to restructure the Katima Town Council because the council is full of people who are not fostering our plans and vision to turn Katima into a center of trade and tourism. Another thing is that most of our staff at this council is from one tribe, which is Masubia, and they are typical tribalists who are against the Mafwe tribe.
Just imagine a town council selling the former Parliament plot to one business man in Katima. They continue selling plots to one rich white man in Katima Mulilo at a cheaper price while denying the local indigenous people the chance of buying these plots.
Furthermore, this council bought eight new vehicles this year yet the town is underdeveloped. The woman who took Mudaveti’s post and her deputy are both uneducated and people with no vision.

Mr Mudaveti should just admit the decision of the SWAPO Regional Executive. He was given 12 years to lead, but he failed. My advice to him is that “Please give others a chance. Furthermore, stop troubling Mr Nkunga, because he made the rightful decision. Apart from that you are also a tribalist.

By Concerned Caprivi Resident





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