Who is Mr. Siyauya ?

By Risco Lumamezi

A vibrant young Politician, has been nominated by the SWAPO Party of Namibia as its Candidate for Bukalo Local Authority Elections marked for August 22, 2014. The Caprivi Vision had an exclusive Interview with the nominee who is number 2 on the SWAPO Party list, the man is Mr. Charles Siyauya.

1.    Mr. Sayauya we understand that you have been nominated to field for the Local Authority Elections under SWAPO PARTY ticket for the newly proclaimed Bukalo Village Council marked on 22 August 2014, what can you say about this?

As a disciplined Party Cadre I stand ready 24/7 to accept the nomination and deliver on any SWAPO Party assignment. It is my duty to serve SWAPO Party.

2.    Would you tell us about yourself ?

I go by the name Sikabongo Charles Siyauya born at Schuckmansburg. Son of the Late Alfred Siyauya Mukolofu and Chaze Musialike. My schooling footprints can be traced from Ikumwe Primary School, Schuckmansburg Combined School, Caprivi Senior Secondary School and finally the University of Namibia. I have worked as a Teacher, UNAM Regional Centre Head, UNAM Examination Officer, Administrator: International Students & Exchange Programmes, Coordinator: International Relations/ Personal Assistant to the Vice Chancellor of the University of Namibia and finally now as Katima Mulilo Campus Administrator.

3.    When did you join SWAPO and Why?

The day I was born I found SWAPO Party in my parent’s house. My first assignment in SWAPO Party started in 1988 as a Pioneer and responsible for helping the Elders assigned for Catering and Accommodation of the Late Hon. Cde John Pandeni and Hon. Cde Jerry Ekandjo during the Caprivi Strip (by then) Mass Mobilization towards the 1989 first General Election in Namibia. Under the capable Regional Leadership of the Late Cde Paddy Mwazi and the Late Cde Borniface “Kamunu” Likando.

4.    What is your ideology for this coming election?

SWAPO PARTY Ideology is the guiding and driving tool which directs us on what to do or what not to do. As a Party Cadre, I have no ideology than to be guided by the SWAPO Party Ideologies as enshrined in our SWAPO Party Policies and Programmes.

5.    What do you think as the Candidate you can do for the community of Bukalo, the entire region and the country at Large?

If elected to power, I will strive towards the full implementation of the SWAPO Party Manifesto, policies and programmes. Bukalo is my home town and there is no place sweet than home. I want to be that panado that easier the pain of Bukalo Residence. However, starting a new Village Council is not easy and it requires dedication and supporting team because there is a lot of expectations. We will be serving the Young, Old, Unemployed, employed, ugly, beautiful, rich and poor, families, criminals and each of these groups have their own needs, values and interests which might collide with other group ‘s interest.

6.Young people are still facing a lot of challenges in order to realise their dreams  in an independent country Namibia, as a youth representing the  majority of this country what change can you make to have them taking up  the leadership?

You are correct, Young people face a lot of challenges which limits them to reach their full potential. As the first and only young person from Zambezi Region to have reached or served in the National Executive Committee of the SWAPO Party Youth League since from Independence; I have a duty to groom others to reach that high level of leadership. It is not an easy task but together we can do better.

7.Other thinkers have just said that democracy is looking after the majorities and not the unpopular minorities, in your view what can you say about Namibia’s Multiparty System?

In SWAPO Party we believe in Solidarity, Freedom and Justice for all irrespective of being from the minority or majority. In my own view, I do not support Multi-party democracy.

8.You have been once quoted by the government daily paper recently regarding the Botswana Defence Force erratic killings and detentions of the Namibian poor innocent fishers and poachers, while at the end since ever the two nations did not discuss these conflicts apart from Kasikili Island which was ruled in favour of Botswana by the ICJ in 1998. How can this become to an end among nation States?

Firstly, point of correction, the 70 Namibians abducted by (Botswana Defence Force) BDF on July 5, 2014 from Linyanti Constituency were all fishermen and fish traders and  no poacher. And I repeat, there was no poacher. Although some political opportunist are questioning why should Siyauya of Katima Rural Constituency (Subia) care or fight for Mafwe people in Linyanti Constituency. To them, my answer is straight forward and that is ;(1) One Namibia, One Nation. (2)I am patriotic Namibian and I do not need a scientific calculator to correct what is wrong and (3) no amount of force on earth will silence me on the sovereignty of the Republic of Namibia. Furthermore, my movement is free and I do not need someone‘s permission to enter any Constituency or part of Namibia. The escalation tensions between Namibia and Botswana can only be resolved if there was a political will from the Leadership of the two countries. Just imagine, a total of 30 innocent Namibians have been killed /dead / deceased by trigger happy BDF.

In response, what action did the Namibian Government do? The Namibian air-space have been penetrated and violated by BDF day and night. What did the Namibian Government do?  I do not need the answer! My major concern is; how many more death do we expect from the prime evil BDF to call it enough is enough? It is a fact that our safety and security in Zambezi Region is not guaranteed. Perhaps, the hour has come that we must seek protection and security from our Traditional Leaders as opposite to NAMPOL & NDF. NAMPOL & NDF are too much concerned with VIP protections as opposite to the protection of Namibian citizens inside and outside the borders of Namibia. Imagine, even our border posts are guarded and patrolled by poorly paid private security guards.

Which Namibian Law qualifies a Private Security Company to control and command the Namibian border posts? We are highly surprised that NAMPOL Zambezi Regional Spokesperson Sergeant Kisco Sitali does not know the borderline between Namibia and Botswana.

Sitali lied to the Nation by claiming that 70 abducted Namibians were in Botswana and not in Namibia. Shame on you Sergeant Sitali and be informed that Namibia is not for sale and will never be during our life time.

9.    Your final remarks to the residents of Bukalo and the nation at large?

Bukalo Village Council is everyone‘s responsibility and together we can put a very strong foundation which will make Bukalo to be the beacon of hope in Namibia.
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