Misuse of GRN vehicle worries residents

By Simon Liseli

Misuse of government vehicles has raised eyebrows among tax payers in Zambezi region.

This GRN vehicle with registration number: GRN 19273 was spotted at a bar by concerned tax payers at Linyanti

This comes after the ministry of agriculture, water and forestry vehicle was found at a certain bar, Linyanti area some 75 kilometres south of Katima Mulilo on February 9, 2018 late in the evening with the unknown driver with, registration number: GRN 19273 with some stickers written, ‘Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, FOOT –AND- MOUTH DISEASE (FMD) OUT BREAK OPERATIONS (Veterinary Services).

“As a tax payer I find it irritating to see a government vehicle being misused for drinking beer purposes after working hours on the government’s expense in fuel costs and services of the vehicle” said concerned government worker.

According to this concerned tax payer and various others co-opted told Caprivi Vision that the culprit was driving the vehicle recklessly drinking beers with his friends during night and they call upon the line ministry to intervene in the issue and take it as a matter of urgency.

“That is our money being misused and given into the wrong hands, I humbly request an agency into solving such issues  similar in all ministries because its not only happening in the ministry of agriculture but in different ministries and this should be seriously dealt with” he stressed.

Some eye witnesses said it’s not the first time the guy has been misusing GRN cars but it has become his tendency of playing with government vehicles in drinking beer in bars. They call for strict supervision in all ministries to reduce an expected government expense of fueling and repairing car that are being misused.

“Those type of people should be brought to book and be punished to give a good example to others who might be offenders, Its painful to see those type of things happening in our eyes and no actions are   being taken up to stop these kind of behaviours and what I know that concern is countrywide worry something must be done.” he concluded.

However, when contacted for comments on the issue, Zambezi Regional Veterinary Services , Chief Animal Health Technician Mr. Richard Kwenani said no government official is allowed to use GRN vehicle after working hours, adding that their ministry have different divisions such as the directorate of extension and engineering services, veterinary services and others from different regions of the country.

“Unfortunately the registration number you gave me is not from Zambezi it’s from another region and I don’t think if these guys who are using that vehicle are from a special division” noted Mr. Kwenani.

A GRN vehicle with registration number: GRN 19273 sparks concerns in the region

He added that there were some directives that came from the office of the Prime Minister (OPM) regarding the use of GRN that they should be used only on official duties. “But if they are being permissioned by the government it’s not allowed to use a GRN on private purpose, we only issue permissions to an officer after hours for a particular task” he concluded.






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