Mbumba Rejects CANU Merger

 By Risco Lumamezi

 SWAPO Party Secretary General, Mr. Nangolo Mbumba has rejected calls of the Caprivi African National Union (CANU) talks on the 1964 merger agreement.

SWAPO Party Secretary General, Hon. Nangolo Mbumba

When caught-up for response on whether SWAPO is ready to accept the demands of CANU to occupy some key line ministries in its Cabinet, in reference to the merger agreement of the two major political parties in 1964,Which according to CANU President Mr. Alex (Poison) Kamwi described it as a non-implementation of the terms of a merger agreement between CANU and SWAPO in 1964 plus the status of the Caprivi Strip within the sovereignty of Namibia.   

Mr. Mbumba who confirmed to this paper that the merger existed and later denied that he was not part of the team at the time and he cleared that all members of the parliament are elected under the banner of their political parties.

“ How can somebody go to parliament without being elected by the people? ” asked SWAPO Secretary General Mr. Mbumba who said his party would not entertain CANU leadership to get seats or occupy ministerial positions free.

He added that the merger agreement is the old story of the past, which was done over the decades some 40 years ago.

   He warned that “ We should stop this SWAPO- CANU merger we can’t allow that, we should abide by our constitution as Namibian citizens”

 “ We are just wasting our time on something which was just done in the past, anyone who is coming up with that, he is just a looser” quashed the angry SWAPO Chief saying his party is already having some members who are from Caprivi now Zambezi region in SWAPO party led government leadership positions in (Cabinet and Parliament) and they will be no need of bringing in some people with their own minds.

Hon Mbumba further told Caprivi Vision that they (CANU leaders) are minority   and cannot defeat the majority as he told this paper that the telephonic interview with him on the matters of a merger agreement and representation was just a wasting of his time as he hanged up the phone.

However, United Nations Resident Coordinator in Namibia, Mr. Musinga Bandora responded to CANU leadership in a letter dated 21 August 2013 on the issues raised to his office that  “you will recall that at that meeting  (held on September 11,2012) I underlined the importance of promoting dialogue with a view to safe guarding national unity, peace and security and territorial integrity of Namibia. After careful considerations of all the issues you raised, I wish to respond specifically as following:”

“ The issue of CANU and SWAPO “merger agreement” in 1964 was and remains a matter between the two parties. The United Nations is not privy to any material facts of the issue. It is therefore beyond its scope and competence to address. It is the United Nations’ considered opinion that you should take up this matter directly with SWAPO for resolution.”

The issue of self-determination of the Caprivians and status of the Caprivi Strip were addressed and settled as part of the implementation of the independence Plan for Namibia under UNSC Resolution 435. The Caprivi Strip and other parts of the country then directly administered under government of the Republic of South Africa before independence have since been fully re-integrated and internationally recognized as integral parts of Namibian territory.”

“ Any further concerns pertaining to these two issues going forward should   be raised by CANU through the relevant authorities and structures in the country. The United Nations remains committed to the unity, peace and stability and territorial integrity of Namibia.”  Said Mr. Bandora in his response to CANU Party. 

Efforts to hear more from the founding father Dr. Sam Nujoma and Namibian President Hifikepunye proved futile, as this paper was not allowed to ask them.







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