Man shot by police cries foul

By Simon Liseli

 A man, who was shot by the Namibian police two years ago in Katima Mulilo during the demolition of illegal shelters, says his life is in danger.

Mr. Chripher Simasiku Mukendwa (41) was shot in his left leg by a certain police officer in September 2017 at Lwanyanda an outskirt informal settlement, told Caprivi Vision that his life is in danger because is unable to do things that he used to do to keep him alive, adding that he has now spent about N$70 000 for treatment of his leg.

Mr. Chripher Simasiku Mukendwa, concerned (victim) resident of Lwanyanda

He divulged that on that fateful day when fully armed cops and Katima MuliloTown Council staff members  arrived at Lwanyanda they were called for a short meeting where Mukendwa asked some questions and to provide proof of a court order that allows them to evict them but no answer and explanation that was given.

About 400 landless and homeless people erected their shelters from areas around were forcefully demolished and lost their properties.

“I find my life to be in danger and am lucky to be alive as we talk because when I think of that day I nearly lost my life, the regional commander instructed NAMPOL members to fire shots on innocent people and the first shot that was supposed to take my life was fired by a certain chief inspector and went flying passing my head but luckily it missed me” explained Mukendwa.

He however stressed that two other police officers who were pointing their guns in his direction fired shots and the other one hit him in his left leg and fell down. While he was still lying on the ground with the gun shot other police officers started spraying tear gas into his eyes.

He said, after that unfortunate incident the Katima Mulilo Town Council opened a case against him for malicious damage to property.

In October the same year (2017) he also opened a case for attempted murder but suspects were not arrested or suspended from their official duties.

“I asked several time why the case was delayed but they used to tell me that the case was forwarded to Windhoek High Court for Prosecutor General’s decision and when I followed it up with the PG she said, she never received any case of such kind from Katima Mulilo and as for now I has just handed over everything to my lawyer who am paying myself, he will follow it up” He said.

According to Simasiku no one is compensated up-to-date to people whose properties were damaged during demolition but a claim of fifteen million Namibia dollars (N$15 000 000) for all who were demolished was put to the council but no progress.

“We have so far paid a lawyer to represent us in this matter but nothing seems to happen and we are now busy fund raising soon the case will be at high court” he lamented.







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