Man in Court for raping a minor

By Dominic Sikopo

A 19- year -old man, Mr. Sydney Makata Matemwa was charged and found guilty after being convicted of rape on December 6, and the case was postponed to January 15,2013 for sentencing and the accussed still remains on police custody.

It is alleged that the accused who is from Muyako area near Ikonde village on September 11, 2011 did wrongfully and intentionally committed a sexual act with the victim(name withheld  due to the victim being under the age of 18). in the district of Katima Mulilo.

It is further believed that the victim had been sent to the accused’s place of residence where she was supposed to give a cellphone battery to Mr. Makata.

Upon arriving the minor gave the battery to the accused who responded by pulling the minor by her hand, “ He pulled me by my hand and removed my panties”, the minor’s statement read.

He then proceeded to force the minor to sleep on the mattress from where he also removed his trousers.

He proceeded to have sexual intercourse without the victims consent. “He was on top of me and it was painful”, When he finished he removed his blanket I then saw blood on my dress and on the blanket he then promised to give me (30 cents) ”police affidavits read.

The minor was then told to go back and bring the cellphone, upon which she told the adult who had sent her what had transpired at the accused’s house. His case number is RC23/11, Ngoma cr/09/09/11.

Meanwhile, a 19 year old man Mr.Likando Sinvula Oddray from Mukande Village at Schuckumansburg was arrested on October 7, 2010 on a charge of stock theft.

He is accused of having stolen an Oxen valued at N$4500, which belonged to Ms. Lukubwe Precious Masiliso.

The trial was conducted in the District court where the accused was convicted on December 4, before Magistrate Nomsa Sibanda.

The Accused`s case was transferred to the Regional Court for final judgement.





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