Man cry foul over maintenance bill

By Simon Liseli

ASSISTANT Technical Officer in the Department of Water Environment in Zambezi Region, Mr. Reinhold Shindondola has expressed concerns over maintenance payments made every month to his two-year-old daughter.

Mr. Reinhold Shindondola, a former inmate at Katima Mulilo Police Station

He therefore asks lawmakers to repeal maintenance laws and make more investigations to see how recipient mothers use money.

Mr. Shindondola, a former inmate at Katima Mulilo holding cells recently told the Caprivi Vision that he has been in court for maintenance after the divorce with his former wife, Ms. Julia Lufelile Mbango last year who summoned him to maintenance criminal court in Katima Mulio district court.

Before his arrest, his maintenance arrears rose up to N$6150.00 when he was admitted for TB treatments at Onandjokwe hospital in Oshana Region before his return to Katima Mulilo, where he continued with his TB injections at Katima Mulilo State Hospital.

On unknown date but during the month of November 2016, he was called by the Namibian police at Katima Mulilo police station and was arrested on his arrival in the charge office and locked him up in police cells where he spend three days before paying the bail of N$2000.00.

“You see this maintenance has become a business to women in Katima, when you are proposing each other they are no problems but once she gets pregnant and give birth, men are divorced and decides to go with the kid with the intention of laying complaints with the maintenance criminal court for us men to pay money” he explained.

Mr. Shindondola is paying N$500.00 each month for his two-year-old daughter ,the money he described to be used in other way round by the mother as the kid looks to be suffering.

He added saying, new boyfriends of the kid’s mother eat maintenance money and the rightful owner remains suffering.

“When you ask on how the money is used they become uncouth and when we lay complaints with courts we are even voiceless because we are ignored, what they want is men to rot in cells while adding suffering again to our kids”. Lamented the concerned father.






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