Man charged 2 years for house breaking and theft

By Aldrin Mukendwa

A Zambian national, Mr. .Chiputa Chiputa Boyd entered the house of Mrs.Sepiso Patience at Libula Village in Kongola while she was sleeping taking her hand bag and an amount of N$ 1500.00 and fled the house.

“he took my bag while I was asleep and left”Mrs. Sepiso told the court.

On Tuesday June 3, 2014 at around 22 hours at Libula village the accused Mr.Chiputa (28 years) entered the house of the complainant and stole a handbag and money.

Mrs. Sepiso stated that “In the morning I took my hike to Katima Mulilo on a different journey, when I approached Zambezi Waterfront I saw him and I stopped the driver in which I was travelling and told him to come to the car but (suspect) started to run away luckily he was caught”

He was then taken to the charge office in a police vehicle and he was then searched and found with an amount of N$800.00 and he was asked to what happened to the other money , he replied by saying he used the money.

He appeared in court for charges of house breaking and theft and was found guilty and charged for 2 years imprisonment the magistrate William Kasitomo.
The state was represented by Mr. Jatiel Mundamburi; his case no is CR/34/06/2014.





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