Man Charged 18 years imprisonment for raping a minor boy

By Aldrin Mukendwa 

THE Katima Mulilo Regional Court sentenced Mr. Bernard Matengu Shabilika for an effective 18 years jail for committing a sexual act with a 7 year  boy.

July 24, 2011 the accused Shabilika at Mundaniko village committed a sexual act with a young boy by inserting his manhood in the anus of the boy.

During the night of that day Shabilika went into the boy’s bedroom and entered into his blanket, he managed to remove the boy’ s cloth before he inserted his manhood  into the boy’s anus .

When the boy realised that there was someone in his blanket busy working on him,  who replayed I am Shabilika.

The boy’s elder brothers who  were in the bedroom ran out of the  house to go and call elders but Shabilika escaped out of the house as it was dark.

On the next morning the elders called for a meeting with Shabilika in which he admitted committing an offence, but pledged with them not to involve the police; however the matter was reported to the police which led to the arrest of Shabilka.

He made his first appearance on March 5, 2013 with various witnesses who  gave their testimony in court.

The accused Shabilika was convicted of Rape on February 7, 2014.

The state was represented by  magistrate  William Kasitomo while Mr. Jatiel Mundanburi represented the state.





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