Mafwe Chief donates land to Govt

His Royal highness Chief George Simasiku Mamili VII holding the Lusata
STAFF REPORTERCHIEF of the Mafwe Tribe has donated 3000 hectares of his arable land to the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry for the envisaged plantation of the green scheme projects to combat poverty and unemployment.

The donation is an additional contribution on top of the 300 000 hectares of the tracts of Caprivi land which was allocated by the four traditional chiefs of the Caprivi region in 2007 for the irrigational schemes to an Israeli most successful investor in Africa and the world in partnership with the government which took off the ground with its pilot project at Katima Farmer near Katima Mulilo Town.

His Royal highness Chief George Simasiku Mamili VII in his speech which was not read to his people due to technical hiccups, during the annual Mafwe Lusata festival, expressed happiness that his Traditional Authority has availed three thousand hectares of the fertile land in the Singalamwe area at about 120 km away the town of Katima Mulilo.

He said that very soon the Liselo community in Katima Mulilo will be allocated another sizeable piece of land for food security.

The Chief invited all people to identify opportunities in their respective areas and look for investors to form partnership and joint ventures. “Stand up and develop this region and also fight unemployment with poverty,” he pointed out.

He also extended his warm welcome to all people who attended the 2011 Lusata Cultural Festival for committing their time to enjoy in celebrating the unity in diversity.

“I stand here today as an advocate of peace to all humanity and particularly to all the residents of the Caprivi region,” quoted from his speech.

“We have been blessed with a rich bounty and abundance of land, the basis for human life and investment. We have enough land that can be commercialised and produce enough food for the whole of our country, Namibia. We have land that can be used to develop conservancies in order to boost tourism in our region. We have enough land that can be proclaimed as communal forests and produce timber for local consumption and the export market,” stressed Chief Mamili.

Chief Mamili invited the government, private sector and individuals who are willing to develop the natural resources within his jurisdictions to approach his traditional authority for project proposals.

“Please come forward with your ideas and plans so that we can harness our collective knowledge, wisdom and resources to contribute to national economic development and improve the lives of our people, interested parties are encouraged to form partnerships with our people for them to benefit directly from their land,” he said.

He also saluted the Namibian government and its lawmakers in creating a peaceful and prosperous country in drafting the constitution, which is based on equality for all, that has ushered in an era of peace after countless decades of strife and inequality.

According to him, the Namibian Constitution provides the foundation to make Namibia as one of the best investment destinations in the world.

“I urge you to make use of endless opportunities presented by our constitution and investment policies. Be courageous and creative in your thoughts and plans to help us develop our villages, towns, regions, country and continent,” Chief Mamili said.
Mafwe Chief further called for the hard work in utilising the Caprivi land as part of the mainstay and the single defining feature of the Namibian people.
“I have no doubt that the people of the Caprivi will turn their attention with conviction and steadfast commitment to tend after their land during the upcoming ploughing season. When we harvest the riches of our land in the coming months, I want you to take pride in your contribution towards ensuring food security for our country. Not only you be looking after your own families by virtue of your hard work, you will be making a tremendous contribution to the national cause. In your usual manner, work hard and toil like true patriots!” He furthered.

Dr. Bornface Simasiku Mutumba, a true son of the Mafwe Royal blood who is the head of Finance department at the University of Namibia in Windhoek was introduced to the crowed as the new patron of Imataa Foundation; late Imataa Mamili was the first Chief of the Mafwe at the time.

The ceremony was witnessed by Chief Joan Chika of the Masubia Tribe and his delegates from Parakarungu of Botswana, the Deputy Minister of Information and Communication Technology Stanley Simataa , Hon. Alpheus Muheua the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Welfare, Deputy Minister of Defence Hon. Lempy Lucas, the Caprivi Regional Governor Honourable Lawrence Sampofu, the Chairperson of the Caprivi Regional Council and Councillor for Kabbe Constituency Raphael Mbala, his worship mayor of Katima Mulilo Town Council Mr. John Musialela Likando, the Chairperson of the management committee of the Katima Mulilo Town Council Hon. Charles Matengu and other high ranked officials from the government and private sector also witnessed the event.





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