Mafwe Chief dismisses Katima land conference report

By Simon Liseli at Chinchimani

CHIEF George Simasiku Mamili VII of the Mafwe Royal Establishment dismissed report by the state broadcaster (NBC), on the disputed jurisdictions of the town and communal land.

Mafwe Chief has expressed dissatisfaction on how the report was twisted that the outcome of the meeting ended up with amicable solution, at the just ended closed door land conference between the high profile entourage from Central Government in Windhoek, Katima Mulilo Local Authority and Mafwe Traditional Authority. He condemned NBC report which he described as distorted information that lacked the truth and facts.

CHIEF George Simasiku Mamili VII of the Mafwe Royal Establishment

On Friday March 15,2019 Minister of Land Reform Mr Utoni Nujoma, Minister of Urban and Rural Development Dr.Peya Mushelenga, Attorney General Dr. Albert Kawana and the Surveyor General including Katima Mulilo Town Council, Zambezi Regional Council and a delegation of Mafwe Indunas headed by Mafwe Traditional Authority Ngambela (Premier) Dickson Lusepani gathered in Katima Mulilo to discuss the matter of the town boundaries and jurisdictions of the Mafwe Traditional Authority which ended up unresolved.

During the meeting held at Chinchimani Palace on Wednesday, Chief Mamili made a clarion call after hearing reports from his powerful advisory committee on the outcome of the Katima Mulilo meeting and declared the outcome as null and void because they did not compromise, and he warned that the matter still need further discussion with the relevant authorities and expressed dismay to NBC for transmitting negative report to the nation.

“There was no solution found we still have to discuss about this because it was not finalised and I was surprised with NBC reporting that the problem has been resolved, who solved it? you are just reporting the outcome of the meeting today, this is the time they were supposed to wait for an answer from us on how we have resolved the issue not reporting something that still need to be discussed”  His Royal Highness cautioned.

The Chief made these sentiments during the briefings in his palace at Chinchimani after hearing reports from his Honourable Ngambela Dickson Lusepani, Chairperson of the Mafwe Traditional Authority for Land Advisory Committee Mr. Progress Sipapela, Mr. Chilinda Mubonenwa the Secretary, Induna Kalima Lutambo from Liselo Sub-Khuta and Induna Stanley Tembwe on how the conference ended up.

Privy sources said a big number of the Mafwe sons and daughters were willing to attend the conference but only a limited number were allowed to go inside the hall.

“We as Mafwe Traditional Authority we didn’t have enough to say because we were still arranging time to discuss about that, what are they going to say when we will call them and ask about this new map they reported while here we are still concerned”

During the meeting it was revealed that the Katima Mulilo Local Authority had different maps, showing different boundaries, the other one for 1991 is illustrating that the town boundary stretches from Zambezi Private School in the north east to Oshana rest camp, south of the town and the other map of 2008 is showing the extension of the town to WENELA Boarder post.

“They are taking this land with other means and extending the land to places where they were not suppose to be, I know when I  will call them they won’t come with this map in front of me but they will come with the one they showed you in the meeting not this one” noted Chief Simasiku Mamili.

He however rejected the new map taken last year (2018) which still need ministerial approval, this is showing new boundaries and beacons extending the town of Katima Mulilo to Kalimbeza in the east of the region ,Kalumba the southern part, Mpacha Airport in the west and Wenela Boarder post in the north west. He described this action as sabotaging his jurisdiction.

Mafwe Chief concluded by requesting his Ngambela to summon governor Sampofu for further discussion at Chinchimani palace where he will be advised on the information they have reported to the nation because the dispute is not yet settled, and they still have to discuss it together with the Katima Mulilo Town Council for the final decision taken by the Khuta.

“After such discussion is when we would call those who came from the central government and explain to them how far we have gone with the issue and finalise it, and discuss of the report that was reported on TV and the town council to bring all their maps, after that am ready to go to the minister and what they are doing is not known by us” he concluded.

Asked for comment on the outcome of the meeting governor Sampofu refereed this paper to Liselo Khuta.

The mass meeting with district indunas is slated on Sunday March 24, 2019 at Chinchimani Khuta for further scrutiny.






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