By Dominic Sikopo

A Local Hip Hop  Musician and Producer M Young officially known as Mr. Mario Mujohn has been a busy man since his last interview with CVNEWS.

M YOUNG poses with his new CD.
M YOUNG poses with his new CD.

Caprivi Vision caught up again with the artist to get a b on what he`s been up to lately in terms of his music career.

What have you been up to lately in terms of your music career?

I have been busy with producing and making beats for other artists like J-Black. I have also been working with local music producer Jocy-K and D.J Kahem (from Rundu).

Tell us more about your new c.d?

The title of the c.d is M`Khachau.com (as reference to me being Caprivian as M`Kachau is slang for Caprivians), the c.d was released on 31 May 2013 and it`s available in all radio stations country wide

How Many songs are on the c.d?

There are seven songs on the c.d, and the single from the c.d was Don`t Give Up which has been receiving airplay on Silozi Service, the song features learners from Greenwell Matongo School on the chorus and also the song M`Khachau.com which features musician Lucky flow from Nigeria.

What is your future plans?

I am scheduled to perform in Windhoek suppoting J-Black and I have just shot a music video for the song One In A Million which has been playing on One Africa and plans are in place to have the video playing on Whatagwan.

Your last message?

I am Making arrangements to have a video shot for the song “No One”, which has to be released before December 2013. M-Young- One In a Million







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