Lukaezi calls Govt to remove explosive mines in Zambezi

By Risco Lumamezi

Hon. Micky Mumbali Lukaezi ,Sibbinda Constituency Councillor and MP

Sibbinda Constituency Councillor, Hon. Micky Mumbali Lukaezi has seriously called the Namibian government to remove dangerous explosive landmines in Zambezi region , which were planted during liberation struggle.

An out-spoken IPC politician (MP) in the National Council, Councillor Lukaezi showed remorse to the recent deaths of the trio members of the same family at Mpacha village in Liselo area, who were killed by a landmine at Mpacha military base dumping site last month, in Sibbinda Constituency.

He lambasted the Namibian government for not responding positively to his requests of clearance of landmines in all war zones of Zambezi region such as Nova, Katounyana, Mpacha Base, Ihula, Nukwa , Kongola and along the border line from Katima Mulilo to Kongola.

“People in Zambezi we are still losing lives” explained Lukaezi.

He added that he remembers in 1996 before he became a councillor, when his younger two cousins who were staying with him at diary compound became victims of the landmine , as one was killed instantly and the other sustained severe injuries now alive, including other people at Liselo who died  in the same manner while they were ploughing , and another employee of NDF who was killed by the explosive object at his home in Choto after he picked up an object from Mpacha base when he tempered it to get some copper wires, and many more unknown people in the region lost their lives due to the landmines.

“The government of the Republic of Namibia has all resources to clear the land which they know that it was previously utilised as the war zones and they are still some landmines in those areas, it is not fair”

This also includes people in Kongola Constituency where economic and farming activities are happening and people are living in fear due to landmines.

“I therefore, during this occasion of mourning our beloved three people in the constituency call upon government to make sure that they speed-up the clearance of landmines so that we could feel secured, it is not good for us for 33-years now …the landmines which were left by colonisers is still killing our people”

He however, called the Namibian President Hage Geingob to deploy the Namibia Defence Force and the Namibian Police to remove all land mines as soon as possible.

He further more called for the long-awaited Constituency Development Fund (CDF) Bill to enable Constituency Councillors to be empowered with emergency funds to assist in the similar situation to deal with the matters of procuring funeral services and other assistance within the jurisdictions of their constituencies.

Lukaezi warned residents of Zambezi especially those living in the war zone areas not to touch strange objects but rather they should report them.

He further requested the government through its line ministries such as Defence, Police and Forestry to work together in demining the explosives, and in sensitising people through awareness campaigns to stop touching unknown objects as this will cause threats and deaths result to loss of their precious lives.







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