Linyanti Cup Tournament is back again

2010 Linyanti Cup Tournament
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The Linyanti Community Cup Tournament will host its annual tournament on 21-23 December 2010 at Linyanti Combined School.

Since its inception in 2006, the Linyanti Community Cup Tournament has been the highlight in the build up to the festive season with huge turnout of participating teams and supporters for both Soccer and Netball.

The tournament is ideal to keep young people fit during the festive season and to entertain community members. This will keep young people from abusing alcohol.

The Linyanti Community Cup tournament also intends to grow in terms of its responsibilities by in future granting school fees and material support to disadvantaged members of the community from schools that fall under the Linyanti Community which are Kapani, Linyanti and Kisako Schools
“In the previous episodes of the tournament, we have been blessed with a number of participating teams from as far as Batubaja, Sikubi, Nampengu, Kapani, Muketela, Chinchimani, Masokotwani, Lusu, Chingo, Kanono and many other places. This has made this tournament a huge success” said Mr. Makando Tiyeho, Coordinator of Linyanti Community Cup Tournament

According to Mr. Tiyeho, Brand new trophies will start floating after the previous trophies were permanently won by Magic score of Kisako (Soccer) and Linyanti United for Linyanti (Netball) after winning the previous episodes three times for the past three years.

Ending the year 2010 with excitements, interested teams are encouraged to enter the tournament by paying the amount of N$200 for football and N$150 for Netball.

“These low participating fees has been carefully thought in line with the financial standing of our Communities. With these low participation fees, the top three teams will walk away with the following prizes: 1st prize: N$2000, Floating trophy and Gold medals, 2nd prize N$1500 with Silver Medals and 3rd Prize, N$800 and Bronze medals, Likewise netball teams prizes will be N$1500, floating trophy and Gold medals for 1st prize, 2nd prize N$1000 and Silver medals & 3rd prize N$600 with bronze medals.” Said Makando.

The tournament will kick off at Linyanti Combined School’s stadium on the 21st of December ending 23rd December 2010 in time for the Christmas Celebrations. Refreshments will be available on sale.

The Linyanti Community Cup is sponsored by the Linyanti communities’ such as Kapani, Linyanti, Sabelo, and Kikiya through yearly donations.
The tournament is open to all teams willing to participate apart from Namibia Premier League (NPL) registered teams.

For more info please contact the following people Aphary Matengu (+264812863022) Chairman Tovey Alasken (+264813797802) Organizer Makando Tiyeho (+264811290782) Coordinator
Chris Sikenda (+264812262926) Katima Contact Person,





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