Lets Stop Crime Seriously



IT is high time now that residents of the Caprivi region must learn to love each other by speaking under one voice and urging our state justice system to critically root out and give stiff sentence to those who take law into their own hands.

June 29, 2013 will never be forgotten in the history of our town in memory of the four( 4) innocent souls who were brutally killed by a soldeir and were finally laid to rest on July 4.

Our eyes are still open , we agree with Katima Mulilo Town Council Mayor Hon. Charles Mukaya Matengu for taking serious measure against the recent shooting of innocent civilians.

We thank the move in shutting down the NDF Night Club called Cheetah after the recent massacre to this shooting by a soldier Mr. Lucas Max who also killed himself after taking other people’s lives.

We welcome the move taken by the Katima Mulilo Council for closing that bar indefinitely where the killing of our beloved residents took place.

But this is not enough as the family members of the victims have lost their loved ones as life is something very precious  and it cannot be returned.

Anger does not pay, this incident broke out after a simple issue which turned into an act of absolute barbarism, ignited by an argument over jackpot money that led to four people losing their lives and two others being critically injured over the weekend of June 29. 

This is not new , a lot of our people have been killed in different ways and we still have it in record that some family members are still looking for the dead bodies of their  loved ones who went missing and are longing to see even their graves but all this to no avail.

Our society we are living has even become cold , as people are silent and they don’t want to help each other in condemning these killers and perpetrators of these crimes with one voice.

Really the law should take its cause in taking the perpetrators of crime to book.

We therefore urge the local authority and all law enforcement units to shut down all bars where the life will be lost in future.  





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