Land dispute bays for blood at Kasheshe

By Simon Liseli

TWO Family members of the same family clashed over the piece of land, which they both claim to setup their businesses at Kasheshe some 30 kilometers away west of Katima Mulilo.

Mr. Kingsley Musweu Kalimukwa (40) and Mr. Collen Muleke (45) appeared in the Katima Mulilo district court on Friday December 15, 2017 after their arrests on December 14, facing a charge of assault with grievous bodily harm (GBH).

A concerned family member Mr. Kingsley Musweu Kalimukwa (40) who sustained injuries during the fight for land at Kasheshe

The accused men are both Namibian citizens and residents of Kasheshe area. The case was remanded to  February 6, 2018 for further police investigations.

The duo were granted a bail of N$1000 each.

The argument broke out when Mr.Kalimukwa cleared a piece of land in his village to set-up his house, and Mr.Muleke claimed that he has taken part of their village land and removed some poles that were put to fence off the area on December 13, 2017 at around 17:30 hrs.

“The area where I want to set up my house I cleared it and put poles for my fence, and  Muleke found me watering my bananas that I planted in a place where I want to build, he called me four times but I never responded to him because since 2014 , when he chased me from another piece of land where we wanted to open a bakery after acquiring the land from the Maulukupeka Sub-khuta, he came next to me and asked  why should I build on that area, I told him I have the right to do that because am also a son of the area” explained Mr.Kalimukwa.

According to him, during an argument Mr.Muleke got angry and he grabbed Mr. Kalimukwa by shoulders and told him he is not educated,  and he does not have a village in the area and have nothing.

Then He pushed him back, a fight between the two started, Mr. Muleke picked up a spade and hit him and got injured to his right finger and again hit him with the same spade to his left shoulder leaving him wounded.

The concerned Mr.Kalimukwa also picked the other spade and hit Mr.Muleke who got injured in the head.

“As we were fighting my girlfriend ran away to call my parents but because Muleke’s family were nearby they arrived first at the scene, they hold me and pushed me down but I didn’t fall I then defended myself when the family joined the fight” remembers Kalimukwa.

He said after the fight Mr.Muleke went to report the matter to the police at Katima Mulilo Police Station where he was given a J88 form to be filled by the doctor which showing how he got injured before opening a docket.

Mr.Kalimukwa also did the same when his car arrived at the police station.

“What surprised me is that the time I was driving to the police station to report the incident… I heard my phone ringing when I answered the call, the CID told me they were at my village to arrest me before the case was opened, I told them I was driving to the police station will meet if they want me” He added.

At the police station he was also given a J88 form to take it to the hospital to be filled by the doctor where He met with Mr.Muleke.

“While the nurse was dressing me, Muleke’s J88 form was busy filled by the doctor and because it was the same case the nurse asked the doctor to fill mine also but when he finished with Muleke’s J88 he left the room telling me to come back on the following day.”

Disputed Land in question at Kasheshe under scrutiny bays for blood

“I pleaded to the doctor to help me also but said he was busy and I stayed there waiting for any doctor to help me up to 22 hrs  is when I decided to go back to the police station and explain. I asked police officers on duty if they could help me opening a case and bring back J88 on the following day but they denied saying they want a J88 is when they can do that I stayed there again till 23:30 ,  is when a certain police woman who was from a road block at Liselo helped me to open the case and released me” stressed Kalimukwa.

Land disputes between Muleke and Kalimukwa started in 2014 when Maulukupeka Sub-khuta gave a piece of land to Musweu and his brother Hartley Muuba Kalimukwa to start on a business of baking bread and other food staffs.

Muleke got angry and chased them out of that land. He later then built on the same land a bar and his house after the land was cleared by Kalimukwa’s family.

“We don’t know where to go now as we are treated unfairly, we are all in a free Namibia ,now when I shifted from the side where he chased me again he is still following me and fight leaving me with injuries” said the complaint Kalimukwa.

“But Muleke built his permanent structures of a bar and house on the land in question, and the Khuta did not act anything” he further added.

In a letter dated 10 October 2013, from Maulukupeka Sub-Khuta shows clearly that the land was given to Kalimukwa’s family to start on a business and the Khuta was informed and promised that they will hold the land until the problem will be solved .

However, Mr. Muleke refuted allegations when contacted by Caprivi Vision saying “ I don’t know about that issue of land , there’s no fight here at Kasheshe it is just mis-understandings between two cousins, ask the person who told you if there’s any fight here for land dispute”  he concluded.

Contacted for comments, the designated Area Induna Maulukupeka Mr.Desmond Twabushalila distanced himself from the issue and denied the incident.

“Let me not cheat you on that issue because i don’t know it ” Induna Maulukupeka pointed out.






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