Lack of members for NDP in the Zambezi

Dear editor,
Allow me space in your newspaper to express my views as follows, the National Democratic Party led by its founder and president of the party Mr. Martin Lukato Lukato is without members in the entire region.

Mr Dunbar Saini Chakopo
Mr Dunbar Saini Chakopo

However, the administration of the party is focusing on many challenges ranging from financial problems and transport of its candidates in the region in order for the party to get members.

Furthermore, I have got a number of reasons which I think there are the most contributing factors why the party is without members in the region now.

1. The party does not have many things to convince members’ e.g money, simply because people are after eating.Now you cannot talk politics to people who are hungry.

2. People from the Zambezi region do not like to support organisations led by people from their region.

3.Tribalism, the inhabitants of the region are influenced by tribal beliefs, based on ethnic, cultural  E.g. they have to analyze where he do the founder of the party come from, which causes divisions.

4.The last point is self enrichment whereby people have learn that leaders are co-operative when they are still looking for people to vote for them to power, but when they are on power they turn their backs to the people who put them in office.

Finally let me encourage all inhabitants of the region to be co-operative enough in order for our development to bridge the gap between rich and poor.





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