KMTC recommends CEO top post for Minister’s approval

By Risco Lumamezi

KATIMA CouncilL has finalised the recommendation in screening the new Chief Executive Officer for Katima Mulilo Town Council, for the endorsement by the Minister of Urban and Rural Development.

Among the four candidates who were called for interviews in March this year, three candidates on the list were referred to the Minister of Urban and Rural Development Sophia Shanigwa for approval.

KMTC Acting Chief Executive Officer and Human Resources Manager, Mr. Lifasi Lilungwe

Privy sources within Katima Council and the Ministry of Urban in Windhoek told Caprivi Vision that, Mr. Raphael Liswaniso, an employee at the Municipality of Walvis Bay scored the top position, followed by Dr.Boniface Mutumba former pro-vice-chancellor for finance and administration at the University of Namibia, while Mr.Sikume Sikume a former United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) manager from the NGO movement took the third position during the interview.

In any effort to hear from the Director of Human Resources in the Ministry of Urban and Rural Development, Mr. Evans Maswahu proved futile as he was locked up in the meeting with the minister.

Katima residents have raised eyebrows to the recruitment process of the top managers and employees positions, including cooperate posts of councillors are only dominated by Masubia tribe.

However, Acting Chief Executive Officer and Human Resources Manager , Mr. Lifasi Lilungwe confirmed to Caprivi Vision that one candidate has been recommended by his council for the approval by the Minister.

“The mayor will call the press conference next week for the public announcement” said Mr Lilungwe.

When asked to shad some lights on the serious rumours and allegations of appointing people on tribal grounds and affiliations, Mr. Lilungwe refuted that “I don’t want that rumour it is sensitive… all the positions are filled by Namibians, our recruitment policy is very clear , let me tell the residents of our town , they should keep aside tribalism, we used to advertise all vacancy posts in the newspapers”







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