Katima police commander warns residents against crime

By Simon Liseli

Katima Mulilo Police Chief Inspector , Charles Mayumbelo

THE Katima Mulilo police station commander, Chief Inspector Charles Mayumbelo has seriously warned Zambezi residents to refrain from crime activities.

Chief Inspector Mayumbelo has called on all foreigners in the region to make their way to their countries of origin before decision is taken.

He said , the Namibian police force will not rest and will make sure that the crime ends in the region.

He promised to sweep out all those who are involved in criminal activities in the region, “We don’t want criminals in this region we will make sure that we sweep them out of this region” he promised.

Mayumbelo lamented that all offenders will be brought to book and be prosecuted to keep law and order not only in the Zambezi region but country wide.

“We will work until we receive no crime reports in our offices and will make sure that we respond to any crime report” noted commander Mayumbelo.

Mayumbelo appealed to all government ministries to work together with the police in order to eliminate crime activities that are happening in the region and the entire country for development.

He further called all Security companies in Zambezi to work together with the Namibian police in order to reduce crime in the region, and he cautioned the Shebeen owners to respect the closing time of their bars.








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