Katima Mayor Steps Down

By Dominic Sikopo

In an unforeseen turn of events, Swapo appointed councillor and mayor of Katima Mulilo in Caprivi region,Mr. John Musialela Likando stepped down as the towns’ municipal head on November 30.

Out-going Katima Mulilo Mayor Hon. John Likando during the press conference where he announced his resignation.

Mr. Likando was the longest serving mayor at the town. His predecessor are Mr. Michael Mudabeti( SWAPO),Mr. Joel Mutonga ( SWAPO), Mr. Godwin Siyongo (DTA) and Mr.Victor Vissagie (DTA) who  served as the first Katima Mulilo mayor.

Mr. Likandos’ public resignation announcement, which raised eyebrows amongst the community, was made days before the new swearing in ceremony of a new mayor at the council chambers on December 11.

Caprivi Vision is privy to information that former mayor and councillor Mr Mudabeti is era-marked to take over from Likando.

During a press conference held by Mr. Likando, he remained mum on the reasons of his resignation saying his intention was firstly made known to the town council management and the Swapo party in October.

Mr. Likando, who has served as the town’s mayor since 2004, said he indicated his resignation to management when he wrote them a letter of his intentions citing he will no longer be available for another re-run of the position when his office term comes to an end.

“I wrote a letter to the party confirming that I will not be available as a member of the council or as an office bearer. The reasons of my resignation are detailed in the letter which is privy to management and the Swapo party,” Likando said.

Mr. Likando further added that “I disclosed the reasons to the party so that they can facilitate the seat to be vacant for the person who is coming to be equally sworn in .”

Mr. Likando also used the platform to also thank fellow councillors for their co-operation saying “serving the residents of Katima Mulilo has always been my wish. Thank you to my fellow councillors for their cooperation during my tenure as mayor and councillor.”

KMTC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Nawa Nawa , confirmed Likando’s resignation but also choose not to down play the reason behind his contracts termination.

“Yes Likando tendered his resignation. He is however expected to make a formal statement during the swearing in ceremony of the new Katima mayor when his term will come to an end,” said Mr. Nawa.

Some notable developments during Likando’s tenure are the electrifications of rural and informal settlements, erection of street names and road signs.

Likando also spear-headed projects such as the revamping of roads and the introduction of the annual Mayor`s civic awards which honours those business people that plough back to the community.







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