Katima to host Namibian Newspaper Cup 2018

By Simon Liseli

KATIMA MULILO a remote town of Namibia has been blessed to host the annual Namibian Newspaper 18th edition Foot ball Cup Competition, during the joyful season of Easter weekend next year.

This was confirmed by Mr. Ben Lumponjani, Regional Sports Officer when speaking to Caprivi Vision sport desk that floodlights that had been a problem to host the soccer cup in the town of Katima Mulilo have been collected already from Windhoek only the approval of installation from the Zambezi Regional Council is still in the process.

Mr. Lumponjani pointed out that the host of Namibian Newspaper Cup in the town will be another move in sport in the region.

Mr. Ben Lumponjani, Regional Sports Officer

Nawa Investments an experienced company in floodlight installations that installed floodlights at Rundu sports complex is ready for installing Katima Mulilo sports complex.

Swakopmund of Erongo region hosted 2017’s Namibian newspaper cup and fourteen regions of Namibia including the host region gathered at the coastal town. “We always face problems like transport and other logistic things when we travel from Katima to the host town” noted the regional sports officer.

He called upon the Zambezi regional governor Hon. Lawrence Alfea Sampofu to request for sponsorships to all business communities in Katima Mulilo to join hands and support the move to host the cup before it is too late.

“We have few business communities who are positive such as Mr. Nico Muatuli of Oshirongo Investments and Mr. Leonard Nkando for Splash Security Services and we still need others to come forth” said Mr. Lumponjani.

Of recently, the above two business leaders supported the regional sport office financially when they went for bidding to bring the Namibian newspaper cup to Katima. “Without those two we could not manage to go”.

The cup started in 2001 and next year will turn eighteen-years when it will be hosted in Katima Mulilo.

“I feel great and proud to bring it here because we will be at home, thirteen outside regions will come and business communities will benefit a lot and those from outside Katima will have opportunity to come see how beautiful is Katima and what is there” He explained.

Hosting of the Namibian newspaper cup will also improve some other facilities of Katima Mulilo town, “We were informed by the regional governor that construction of the new youth center that will comprise of many things, like a hostel among others will start soon between New NHE and Choto, land that was donated by Katima Mulilo Town Council”. He concluded.






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