Katima Council sponsors house to a disabled woman

By Martha Matongo and Aldrin Mukendwa

Katima Mulilo Town Council has sponsored the construction of a house for the physically challenged woman in Choto at a cost of N$50,000.

Ms. Rochester Nakabila, a  beneficiary of the brand new house                             photo taken by Aldrin Mukendwa
Ms. Rochester Nakabila, a beneficiary of the brand new house                               –     photo taken by Aldrin Mukendwa

Ms. Rochester Nakabila, a 35-year old crippled woman and a resident of Choto in the town of Katima Mulilo will receive her brand new house in two months time from the Katima Council as a replacement of her demolished mad house which was on the sewer pipeline currently under construction to that area which is in the process of formalisation.

The Local Authority Council approved a request from the Ministry of Health and Social Services for Ms.Nakabila’s need of using a special toilet.

The Council then decided to temporarily re-locate the woman to one of its public premises with the comfortable ablution facilities and the supply of a security guard keeping her safe for 24/7,while the construction of her house is underway.
Katima Mulilo Town Council, Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Nawa told Caprivi Vision that his council has appointed Mr. Lang Burrow who is managing the project and he will see to it that everything goes well. “This project will take about two months and the house will finish”. Mr. Nawa noted.

He also added that the house plan was submitted already to the council’s planning department and is waiting for approval so that everything can kick start very soon. “Council has already paid N$800 to the architect who drew the plan”.
The total cost for the construction of the house including the labour and material will fork an amount of N$50,000 from the council’s coffers.

Mr.Nawa further expressed sympathy to the disabled woman who seems to be not having  any relative close to her, he appealed to her relatives to be accompanying her to  the council for latest decision.“They should not wait until something is wrong, no… They should come in with her so that every decision will be shared”.

Ms.Nakabila thanked the Katima Council for an offer , though she is afraid of the coming rainy season which is approaching as she was moved to the Former Legislative Assembly Hall, which she feels was not comfortable to her as she has been living there since July.
She confirmed that she is not having any close family who is close to her. “I only have one in my location but unfortunately they are not close to me, I really thank the council”.

She has been staying in Choto for fifteen years; she can cook for herself, clean and washing while on the wheel chair. Rochester was born normal and was walking on her two feet without a wheel chair, until November 2008 when she was found laying down on the ground. “They took me to the hospital and the doctor found that I had tuberculosis in my bones and also pneumonia in my brain that’s when I became disabled with  my legs”. She said.

However, Ms.Namakaliza Sipapela who is also a visually disabled woman, the Chairperson of a newly formed association of visual and impaired in the region  said that herself and her colleagues will be happy if Ms.Nakabila will get a permanent structure having a toilet as  she cannot walk by herself but only crawling.

“We will be happy and appreciate much and we will work together with the council, if it was a two day work we could also give a hand but its still need time for construction. I only encourage them to work hard on it so that it can finish soon”.
She feels that her suffering will be resolved totally as she does not have a close family member taking care of her. Ms.Sipapela confirmed to this paper that her friend has no one close for this time around only her son who also goes to school at Caprivi Senior Secondary in grade 11.

“I knew of her father’s family which was so close to her, but unfortunately that family faced much death and no one again for her”. She explained.

She described that since she knew her, she never saw anyone from her mother’s side. She urged the Katima Council to speed up the process of her house because she is much convinced that once she goes back to her place, she can really help herself as to where she is for now she feels she is tied up because it is at a higher step.

For any assistance about Rochester , feel free to contact Mr. Lang Burrow on Tel: 066 261506 or  Mr. Charles Nawa , Chief Executive Officer of Katima Mulilo Town Council  at  Cell: 0811469834.






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