Katima Council reflects its Achievements

By Aldrin Mukendwa

The Katima Mulilo Town Council has reviewed some of its achievements in its 5 year term from 2010-2015.

His worship mayor of Katima Mulilo,           Mr. Charles Matengu
His worship mayor of Katima Mulilo, Mr. Charles Matengu

His worship the mayor, Mr. Charles Matengu announced some of the achievements his council has embarked on  “I would like to thank the Swapo Party, the Top Four Secretariat, Politburo, Central Government, Regional Executive, District Executive  the rank and file for the Swapo Party for having given us an opportunity to serve our people.”  Lamented the mayor

Katima Mayor highlighted some of the golden achievements achieved by his council for the last five years “We achieved all this on the foundation laid by our predecessors and some of our achievements are visible”

He mentioned that Katima Council has developed a Strategic Plan, a guide from 2013 to 2018 and it has doubled its budget from N$ 67 million to N$ 127 million.

It has also established a compliance section which will grow into a town police department, a technical office was built at a cost of N$ 2.5 million, and it is currently building a Fire Brigade Office which is to spend about N $ 2.5 million.

About 20 houses were constructed  under  build together programme,New council offices to be finalised in March and April this year,Wooden Bridge,a recreational centre at the banks of Zambezi was renovated at a cost of  N$2 million, a council house which was occupied by some of its former CEOs before in new look location was renovated  into a Guest house at the cost of N$ 800.000 , now full operational.

Three satellite police stations were built in all the three informal settlements of New Cowboy, Choto and Mahohoma to be  inaugurated.

A  Sewer for phase 2 in New Cowboy was completed at the amount of N$ 5 million,  while a Sewer phase 1 in Choto to be completed soon at the cost of N$5 million.

Dr. Sam Nujoma Street and other streets going to Katima Mulilo State hospital including some roads in Boma, Ngweze and Old NHE were tarred and re-gravelled at a cost of N$20 million.

Two traffic lights in the heart of the town in Dr Hage Geingob Road were installed; it has also established some new structures such as where the FNB and Old Mutual are currently located plus a new Brendan Simbwaye Square building opposite Total Service Station to open soon in February.

A new Open Market was opened in Choto, 26 plots at coloureds Camp and new plots next to Greenwell Matongo were fully serviced and residents are currently building, new shopping mall is being built at Old NHE between Greenwell Matongo and Lyambai which will open this year.

Katima Council has also allocated a plot to Dr Musweu and Ithete opposite Puma Service Station formerly known as BP Service Station  to build a private hospital.

On the sequence investment, it is currently building about 20 low cost houses in the new suburb next to Greenwell Matongo, Mass housing project is also on track constructing about 327  houses to be built in phase 1 plus minus (+ – 60 houses to be handed out soon).

Les Investment has also entered a PPP to build houses; Three (3) Bore- holes have been drilled in the three informal settlements,
N$12 million has been reckoned to install water taps in all informal settlements. “We have begun serving huge NAMWATER debt this debt has a history, most importantly we are busy with the installation of water taps for each house in the informal settlement” said mayor Matengu

Re-naming of street names is also on the move , the Council Magazine called The Bream was launched in 2013, “Money for projects are now being deposited in the council account no more in the Regional Council’s account because we are properly accounting for the funds trust has been gained from the Ministry”

Other project still on track is the re-graveling of the roads in the informal settlements of Katima Mulilo and Nored will start with major works in town, Regional Police station is being built, Ministry of Fisheries also finished building the fish ponds.

Coimbra Megasave will shift next to Woermann brock after the constructions, new CBD is also being developed, while Namwater is to upgrade its system.

However, The council is still battling with some of the challenges such as formal houses to the residents of the informal settlements, serviced land ,sanitation, roads, unemployment, poverty, power outrages, cleaning the town, changing the logo of the town and electricity supply in some parts of the town.

Katima Mayor also advised the staff members to work very hard this year and refrain from gossiping and spreading rumours of corruption. “We do not want to observe negative energy; you can never be rewarded for gossiping and spreading rumours, yes whistle blowers are also welcome but blow your whistle with credible information. We are still consulting our lawyers on which route to take so as to clear our names and this we shall seek to do urgently, so all the best in 2015, the council and the town is for all of us not councillors or employees only” concluded the mayor.

The current Council will cease office this year after the Regional   and Local Authority Elections slated this year, the date still to be officially announced.

SWAPO is dominating the council with six councillors such as Mr. Charles Matengu, Mr. Salubila Maswahu, Ms. Esther Sankwasa, Ms Nsala Muhongo, Ms. Georgina Mwiya and Mr. Michael Mudabeti while RDP is represented by Mr. Robert Matongela.






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