Katima Council passes by-laws

By Patience Nalumino

THE Katima Mulilo Town Council has successfully implemented three by-laws that will govern the residents of Katima Mulilo.

Among the old by-laws, are Noise pollution , dog licensing and Street lights, these have been introduced in line with the law enforcement institutions such as the Namibian police.KMTC CEO AND KATIMA POLICE CHIEF

Its Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Charles Nawa told reporters that as from December 17, 2012 the Katima Mulilo Town Council will work closely with the Namibian police in combating noise pollution and with that the culprit will have to face criminal offence.

“Noise pollution must be stopped by regulating laws, as from now onward every one will have to apply for permission from Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC) for any type of entertainment” quashed Nawa.

Some of the other development for the town is the introduction of the Toll free number for Katima Mulilo Town Council (KMTC), Alcohol testers on every roadblocks and the shooting of un-registered dogs.

He added that this by-law, it would not tolerate any person found using firecrackers, as this will be prosecuted accordingly. All unnecessary noise will be charged and bail out will be at N$ 4000.00.

With the other by-law, makes provisions for the Katima Mulilo Town Council to help Northern Electricity Distributors (Nored) to replace street lights (bulbs) in the town of Katima Mulilo.

Mr. Nawa further said that the number of accidents went high last year,  “therefore we have roads under constructions. We will shoot unregistered dogs and we will also impound cattle found in town because we are not allowing cattle’s in town,” he explained.

Meanwhile, attending the press conference was the new station commander for Katima Mulilo, Chief Inspector Robert Sanjahi who also added that the police are there to enforce laws. “We have road blocks through the Trans Caprivi high way and we received alcohol testers, we will be testing all people passing through the road blocks.”

Chief Inspector Sanjahi further said that “we had meetings with bar owners, they will have to adhere to this new law. “He ended by introducing a call hot line, Toll free number which is 0800253003.






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