Katima Council Launches Strategic Plan

By Dominic Sikopo

THE Katima Mulilo Town Council has launched its first-ever five year strategic plan for the next five years (2013-2018).

KMTC Chief Executive Officer Mr. Charles Nawa emphasised the importance of the strategic plan at the launch and in fulfilling his council’s mission statement of rendering services to the residents of the town and where it should take KMTC in the next five years.

 Katima Town Council CEO Mr. Charles Nawa, speaking during the launch of the council`s 
strategic plan.
Katima Town Council CEO Mr. Charles Nawa, speaking during the launch of the council`s
strategic plan.

“The strategic plan of our council aims to serve as a mechanism to better serve the people of Katima Mulilo and provide services as stated in our vision and mission”, explained Mr. Nawa.

He said, previously the council had been without a strategic plan thus the new management saw it worthwhile to have it so that it can give the council direction.
He added that the council hired a professional consultant who would help them with a plan which took one week to complete. It was further revealed that the strategic plan was in line with the council`s zero budget.

Also speaking at the gathering was Katima Mulilo Mayor Hon. Charles Matengu who reiterated council’s vision and mission in bringing better service delivery to the people of Katima Mulilo and the region at large, “The plan is here to monitor, evaluate and guide us as to where we want to be as council and as a town in the next five years so I urge all of us to pull up our socks and make sure that the people are better served”, the Mayor said.

Mr. Nawa said that all those who wanted to see the plan could visit council offices as copies of the plan were available there, the event also saw the launch of the council’s newsletter which is called “The Bream” as a reference to the fish of the Zambezi river that is uniquely found in the Caprivi region.

After the launch was officially signed for by the Mayor and CEO those in attendance were taken on a tour to witness some of the notable developments such as the council`s state-of-the-art cashier office and some of its brand new equipment like a grader, fire brigade vehicle to attend to emergencies and the tour concluded at the Katima Open Market where some temporary stands were officially given to vendors for their usage and it was revealed that other market places were being built in various sites around the town as to assit other vendors in their plights. The launch was held on 6 March, at its office complex in Katima Mulilo.






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