Katima Council endorses 15 new street names

THE Katima Mulilo Town Council has endorsed fifteen new street names in the town for its first phase project.

This came after residents raised concerns of street names as it was difficult to locate businesses and residential addresses surrounding the town of Katima Mulilo.

In 2012, the Katima Mulilo Town Council embarked on the street names when it printed out all names that were endorsed by the former DTA Council which were appearing on its map, though all streets were only written with one name only instead of the two names.

On the top of the list is Dr Sam Nujoma Street which replaced Malena Road,
On the top of the list is Dr Sam Nujoma Street which replaced Malena Road

Chief Executive Officer of Katima Council, Mr. Charles Nawa confirmed that the first phase of the list is composed of the 15 names of those who have sacrificed their lives and time during the liberation struggle of Namibia.

In September this year the council endorsed the names in a public notice published in this paper for the residents to make objections on the names and the new logo.

On the top of the list is Dr Sam Nujoma Street which replaced Malena Road, which was used by the two traditional chiefs of the Masubia and Mafwe tribes at the time. Trollope Street which was named after Major LFW Trollope the first magistrate of Caprivi Strip from 1939 to 1952 who died at Mwandi of Zambia on 28 July 1965, was renamed as Hon. Doreen Sioka the current Namibian Minister of Labour and Social Welfare and a former plan combatant.

Matali Street was renamed after Andimba Toivo ya Toivo ,former Robben Island prisoner a Namibian politician and founding member of the Ovambo People’s Organisation (OPO) in 1957, he also served in different strategic ministerial portfolios in the Namibian government.

Greenwell Matongo Main Road earlier named after a Caprivian who died in exile , a SWAPO plan commander was renamed as Hon. Tobias Hainyeko, a SWAPO plan combatant who confronted war with the South African soldiers and died in combat in Katima Mulilo in 1978.

Liswani Street was named after late Richard Kapelwa Kabajani a Namibian activist, militant, diplomat and politician. He was a military commander for SWAPO during the Namibian War of Independence and after independence he also served as a minister of Youth and Sports and Minister of Lands ,Resettlement and Rehabilitation in the Namibian government, he died on May 17, 2007.

Nwanyi Street was renamed as Chief Richard Muhinda Mamili former Chief of the Mafwe tribe from (1971- 87) and a former chief minister in the then Bantustan Administration for Caprivians.
Late Masubia Chief Joshua Mutwa Moraliswani,(1945 – 1996 ), a first chief minister in the Bantustan Administration for Caprivians, Judea Lyaboloma, a Caprivian hero who was killed by the South African soldiers in Pretoria , the current Masubia Chief Kisco Maiba Liswani and Mayei Chief Boniface Sifu received brand new streets respectively.

Simasiku Street was properly renamed as Chief George Simasiku Mamili of the Mafwe Tribe and Mayuni Street was also properly renamed as Chief Joseph Tembwe Mayuni of the Mashi Community.
A famous business tycoon and politician late Hon.Felix Mukupi was named after Lyambai Street. Benjamin Bebi main Road was renamed to late Paddy Mwazi, a SWAPO activist in the then Caprivi, while late Boniface Likando the first councilor of Kabbe Constituency was named after Sifuna Street.

However, Katima Council CEO, Mr. Nawa confirmed to Caprivi Vision that the first phase list of the new streets of Katima Mulilo Town has been endorsed by his council.
He called the residents of the town to propose and submit new names of the second phase.

Mr.Nawa further encouraged the residents to propose street names of the people from all works of life particularly from sport and business community unlike the first list which only honoured the heroes, politicians, traditional leaders of the region and those who sacrificed their lives during the liberation struggle of Namibia.

“We want residents to propose the street names of the people from sports, athletes and businesses” noted Mr. Nawa.






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