Karatezen Oshakati Hosts a Competition

By Simon Liseli

Karatezen Oshakati recently hosted the Karate northern regional championships in which 128 contestants, of which 19 members are from the national teams, participated in at Ongwediva town in Oshana region on June 16, 2012.

National Team Coach Sensei Freddie Mwiya), Sensei Freddie Mwiya(left) practicing with a student

National team coach Sensei Freddie Mwiya, told Caprivi Vision that the competition, which was sponsored by Falcon Security, many of the participants had used the competition to capitalize on their training skills ahead of the competition to be held in Botswana.

Many of the participants were from Katima Mulilo, Rundu, Tsumeb, Ondangwa, Oshakati and Windhoek.
“The competition was a success, as 19 members from the national team who participated used the platform as training since they are preparing to go and compete in Botswana.” Mwiya said.
In black belt male division (Kumite) Yotham Simasiku won the gold medal. Victor Mwilima won silver and while the bronze medals were awarded to Foster Chali and Ace Mutelo.
In Kata Taslem Steeny won a gold medal while the silver medal was scooped by Ace Mutelo, with Foster Chali walking away with a bronze medal again.

In the female black belt division, Lisa Mwiya took the gold medal while the silver medal was won by Laura Konskengakas and Rebbecca Hamukonda who grabbed the bronze medal.
In the Kids First Division, Junior Fred Mwiya won a trophy in both kumite and kata while the Second division for kids Tasha Martin and Lilly Mwiya both were awarded trophies.
“I won because I always train and my concentration on what I used to do also helped me because when you are fighting don’t think of other things just concentrate on what you are doing otherwise you can be injured or injure the person you are fighting with” an ecstatic Chali said.

Chali called on the sport offices in the region to balance support in all sport activities and not only focus on one activity.
“We don’t have support. We have to fend for our own sponsorship when we are invited for competitions. There is room for development but we are lacking support is discouraging at times but we can never give up, said chali.






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